Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Belatedness- Post for AEDM Day 8 and 9

Cleaning Blade
Did/Been- On day 8 Jace and I had the afternoon off together so we hung out, had lunch together, then I had a nap in the sun. All very luxurious. Wasting time like I will live forever- and loving every minute of it. I did some painting, went to acupuncture. 

In the Studio- Fits and starts in the studio ended up being productive. The big painting I'd struggled for 2 hours with on Friday, I ended up scraping off what I'd done and placing the three dots correctly the first try. Big Painting completed. I worked on a journal page and composed a larger painting. 

How I felt- Grateful, nurtured

Synchronicity- intensifying

Did/Been-Worked at the shop, crazy busy morning, then mostly scrubbing acrylic paint off tables from the 16 youngsters in on Saturday. Tonight we ate a roasted chicken dinner and laughed at Bridesmaids together.

Studio Tip- Cleaning acrylic gunk off goes 4 times faster if you boil water in a kettle first, pour the hot water on the counter and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing, and then go at it. Even better, get yourself a cleaning blade at a building supply store (Canadian Tire, Possibly Home Depot etc.) The blade is silver, not black like it seems to be in the photo above. Today I didn't bother with the kettle and didn't have my blade. Don't think I'll do that again.

In the Studio- Finished an art journal page I'll try photographing tomorrow. The scan is too distorted. 


Tracy said...

Good days there, Shayla... Grateful, nurtured...synchronicity- intensifying.... sweet! And great tip for the acrylic clean up. I've not tried boiling water, hot yes, but not boiling...hhhmmm... Happy Day ((HUGS))

That Girl Designs said...

A nap? Gosh, I love naps. Wish I had more of them. Looking forward to seeing where the painting will go. Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing the painting! I know I always feel excited and relieved when I do!!!

Scrapping...hmmm...I just paint over everything with gesso and white paint...and do it again. I'll have to try scrapping...sounds so much more....expressive!

Carole said...

Scraping deserves a nice nap in the sun!
Congratulations on finishing your painting.