Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4, Diary Post for Art Every Day Month

A Chinese Ink cake

Did/Been- Exercise, computer tech stuff, having breakfast with my hubby, made cream of mushroom soup from scratch, attempting to wash rice, take 2 (according to traditional Chinese cooking instructions) until the water runs clear- an all day process apparently with me getting gummy results, meditation, cleaning, taking photos. 

Back in the studio-  After adding a gold glaze over the large, 3 feet by 4 feet red painting, I figured out that this 'blocked' state was due to a 36"x60" piece that's been hanging on my wall since August without the final 3 dots to complete it. Normally the dots can take time. Since my studio is small I measure, add the dots close up (which can make you cross eyed) then walk out of the room to get perspective. The ruler can be crooked or the texture can make my mark slip by a millimeter and throw everything off. Each composition can require a different spacing and placement to feel "right." Today, however, was excessive. It took two hours to get the dots on. I did have a light bulb moment when I realized I'm ready to sign my paintings. 

How I felt- Sad to say, getting into the studio didn't cure this state of dazed irritation. So perhaps I have PPS (pre painting syndrome) or perhaps not. I did know after 2 hours I didn't want to work on the other massive piece that's been niggling at me.While I didn't have the right brush to add the signature, figuring out how to hide my name pleased me. That is a profound change and it did release some of the tension. Before I felt my paintings weren't about me. They're about something bigger. Plus the signature threw off the composition. Today I realized I'm a small part of that 'something bigger' and if I hide the signature by lightening up the paint a degree and signing in small it will work. 

About the Chinese ink- Thanks for the questions. The ink cake comes gift boxed and nicely decorated. It's made of soot, glue, and medicinal herbs. The herbs make for the gentle scent. To grind the ink, put a few drops of water on an inkstone. Hold the ink stick in your hand vertically, press it on the stone and rotate the stick in a circular motion for about 3 minutes. When a dry path follows the stick through the ink, it's ready. While I was able to scan the above image, the photo session didn't turn out since I'm still learning the ins and outs of my new camera. 

Hip Hip Hooray!
1. Got a brown paper parcel tied up in ribbons from the post- my new earrings and I love them
2. Gonna veg out and watch a comedy tonight

More about Art Every DayLeah Piken Kolidas  started the project 9 years ago. She explains it was, "a challenge to myself to create some art every day for one month and post it on my blog. I was inspired by Nanowrimo and wanted to do something similar with art, and thus Art Every Day Month (AEDM) was born. Posting art on my blog every day helped to keep me accountable and it was fun to share my creations. The following year, I invited people to join in and each year since I've had great groups of creative people committing themselves to more creativity for the month of November with me."


ArtPropelled said...

Mmmmm.... homemade cream of mushroom soup!
Brown paper parcels tied up with ribbon ... Now that would make my day too.
I understand perfectly about one millimetre throwing everything. There are some (who will remain nameless) who don't see it.

Tracy said...

It's those last strokes and adding of signature that can be the biggest moments in the finish of a work. The light bulb moments and final release are pretty cleansing sometimes. BEAUTIFUL ink cake...*swoon*... So glad you're happy with the earrings. ;o) Homemade mushroom soup...I've not made that in a long time. Always come away from here inspired. Happy Weekend, Shayla ((HUGS))