Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5, Diary Post for Art Every Day

Did/Been- A busy Saturday at the shop with cleaning, admin and lots of people getting supplies. While I'm familiar with their work, I'd never met artists Sandi Komst (a regular at Heron Bay Gallery) and Mel Giddings   from Prince Edward Island. They were charismatic, warm and friendly. When Sandi became partially blind, she found going to workshops to be expensive since she had to pay the way of a friend to drive her around, get her bearings etc. That motivated her to initiate inviting well known artists to do workshops on the Island. She said the first time when she had to write out the cheque for $10 000 for the teacher in her name was unnerving but the class sold out and they have always been able to fill their classes

Back in the Studio- Art journalling. This spread is getting complex. Several layers and transparencies. 

How I felt- Mostly? Cold. Ha! It's damp cold today. Ick. Felt grateful to have met Sandi- a gorgeous person in every way. Moncton needs more workshops and I've had an interest in developing that so it was a pleasure to learn a bit from her experience. 

Synchronicity- Have been having difficulties with our suppliers in getting in all the professional grade Chinese art supplies we need. There is a communication problem that was solved this morning which a new student who is Chinese came in for the first time and helped me get clarity.

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ArtPropelled said...

Thinking about Sandi too and feeling very grateful for my eye sight.
Talking about Art Journaling ... I read an interesting technique that could be quite addictive.