Artist's Statement and Bio

The 20 seconds or less version:

My artistic style is 'meditative.' The rhythm of the three shapes prompts us to pause. I found out afterwards that this was also used by the ancient Greeks in a similar way to express what they call  'Kairos' or unmeasured time. When in 'Kairos' time, we're free of the daily rush and time stands still. 

Extra curious? Here's the longer version 

My artistic path has brought me to question the spiritual and physical elements of painting. 

From a young age a book illustrated by the Japanese artist, Kinuko Craft, made a strong impression on me. It took me to a fantasy world that continues to enrich my imagination and inform my painting activity. 

As an adult, I built on this foundation by borrowing various practices from the Japanese painters of the Edo Period. My paintings appear as a split imagery system. Elements of design, pattern and order are juxtaposed against invented and muted landscapes in imitation of their innovations. Just as they did, my paintings encourage meditation on the physical and spiritual. I contrast one band of landscape imagery horizontally with one band of textured and tinted gold surface. The Edo artist was partial to gold and this treatment of it reflects the way they would depict nature or "even an indeterminate area in which the subject exists." (The Great Japanese Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, p 38 ). The use of landscape was a "particularly favoured mirror...conducive to spiritual vision." (Asian Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, p 106).