Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6, Diary post for Art Every Day Month

Memories Art Journal Page
Back in the Studio- Since I just got up, I may come back for the diary post tonight. Art journalling has bought about a new habit of making art first thing in the morning. The journal is open from last night and I can easily start tweaking the image with fresh eyes. The page above is still a work in progress. The initial pages are the darkest, most troubling things I wrote in my journal from a couple years ago. I felt ready to document their transition to memory. These things were part of my path and they got me where I am. The tracing paper layer seems to be a series and generally if something goes on the transparent layer, it's to show where I am right now. Robyn from Art Propelled shared the poem, and now several of Naomi Shihab Nye's books are in my wishcart. 

How I felt- The poem explains my feelings well. These things were part of my path and they got me where I am. I feel like I'm viewing them with a certain detachment in that they don't hurt now, and a difficult to explain feeling of gratitude. It's not like enjoying pain, it's more like being grateful that person I was didn't give up. That person is alive. That person can be imperfect. So can the person I am now. She is amazed with life. She is amazing. All of that brings me a feeling of freedom.

Pic taken Friday when I got my 'isn't it good, Norwegian wood' earrings (from Prana Light in Norway). Am currently in bunny slippers and plushy, red housecoat, no makeup and enjoying a slow Sunday morning

More about Art Every DayLeah Piken Kolidas  started the project 9 years ago. She explains it was, "a challenge to myself to create some art every day for one month and post it on my blog. I was inspired by Nanowrimo and wanted to do something similar with art, and thus Art Every Day Month (AEDM) was born. Posting art on my blog every day helped to keep me accountable and it was fun to share my creations. The following year, I invited people to join in and each year since I've had great groups of creative people committing themselves to more creativity for the month of November with me."


Gwen Hughes said...

Covering over a bad memory with something new is a realy positive step. Transparent layers can be very useful and you seem to have the right idea of how to relax on Sunday.
Nice pages and moving words.

Joni Nickrent said...

Amazing page and wonderful that art can help heal those things that have hurt us in the past!

Tracy said...

I LOVE the idea of making art first thing in the morning! I write often very early in the mornings, but I usually wait a bit until I'm more "awake" to dig into the studio and supplies. But this poem is wonderful... and the transparent layers is a beautiful idea. It goes cover the "wounded" page like a bandage and hides it, but the layer gentle allows your to be there--past and present. I like it, it feels very emotionally intelligent and full of growth and potential. I have some very raw things in my written journal from a few years back that is very hard to read. At times I've wanted to toss those journals. But I haven't. When I read what I write not, I see how far I've come and it feels good. Everything has value. Even the old wounded "junk". Art is such an amazing tool for healing. And funnily enough, on Friday I was writing about layers. :o) LOVE the self-portrait of... The earrings look GREAT on you, Shayla! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Serena said...

Great journal techniques...both artistically and emotionally. You ARE amazing!

I really should make art first thing in the morning seeing as how I'm the only one up for three hours but I generally use the time for catching up online. Maybe I will try to reverse the habit.

Btw, a lovely self portrait!

Happy AEDM,

Anonymous said...

This is an (amazingly) powerful journal page. Thanks for sharing--and for stopping by my blog :)

NatashaMay said...

Wonderful journal entry! I myself do best in the evening. :)