Monday, July 7, 2008

Tree of Life

This painting is for a very special little one that Aurélie and Mathieu are expecting in two weeks. We played twenty questions about a month ago. They told me about their views on parenting, how their world view changed when they found out they would be parents, hopes, excitement and all the good things expectant parents go through. I took the interview, thought about their answers and set about to represent some of those thoughts in the painting above.

This is the first finished painting where I used the lapis lazuli gemstone paint. Mathieu and Aurélie are really down to earth and aren't impressed by a material show so this color wasn't chosen for it's rarity but more for its symbolism. In the past artists have used it for the sacred. There is something so inestimable, and even spiritual about the beginnings of a happy family unit that this just fits.

I found it to be a very emotional piece to work on and very satisfying. It's like I could feel the tenderness for my as yet unborn children. Hmm? How much to share? I think I'll leave it at that. Suffice it to say, it was a magical experience creating this piece.

The couple also had a piece done when they were married so it's been very special to witness their life's journey together. Would you like to meet Aurélie? She sang at my exhibit last December. The words of the song are especially significant. In case you don't understand French, they mean in essence: Why is life worth living with all the problems around us? Answer: Love.


Leah said...

what a beautiful peice, shayla. it just radiates hope and love and life. love it. i hope that whatever is going on with your as yet unborn children that this piece is a stepping stone on your journey to them. xo

Regina said...

The blues are luminous - and I really like the simplicity of your painting.
What medium did you paint with? I have lapis lazuli watercolor paint, but I don't remember it being this rich.

Shayla said...

Thanks Leah and Regina :)

Regina, I used acrylic and the brand is Daniel Smith. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

Juggling Jason said...

This painting rocks! (pun unapologetically intentional)

Robyn said...

Great post, Shayla. The painting is magic. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Great painting and great post You are a poet Shayla!
i sent you an email i hope you get it :))

M.Kate said...

Dearest Shayla
I love this painting to the max! Hearts are always my favourite it's like a tree of hope and everything else. The tree churns out more love (the child) and brings more hope for the future. That's what I think :) I am doing a post soon..dont know what yet, at times, the mind goes blank too, since I cant post any craft or paint beautiful things like you..I'll have to think of something :) hugs always

Deborah said...

What a very fortunate child to have this beautiful painting!

Will you be taking part in Friday's Favorite Family Foto this week? If you can let me know by Thursday evening, I can add you link to the post.

Thanks and Hugs!