Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lapis Lazuli Euphoria

I've been wanting to try out a tube of Lapis Lazuli blue for three years. It's made from real ground gem stones and is the same color the old masters used in their work- usually for the sacred- like the Madonna's veil. Since it's mail order only from one company in a land far, far away, I figured it was more logical and politically correct to support local businesses. Still, one can only suppress a creative craving for so long...

I must say, I never expected this! When I first saw the color, it was an immediate recognition. 'You're not ultramarine blue. Yes! I've seen you before, but it meant nothing to me when I saw you in a reproduction. Blue was just blue. Now you mean something to me!'

I know why the masters always chose that blue. It is tenderness itself!! I look at that color and I feel affection for it. My heart pinches sweetly and it makes me smile. Normally this is a feeling I only get for people I love, or puppies... I never thought I could feel it for a color, especially blue! Red and yellow are my favorites. I don't mind turquoise, ultramarine and aqua, but I've never been passionate about them. In fact I've always rebelled a bit against blue. This one, however, is purity, exquisiteness, and now I understand what the big deal was all about.

I'm posting an image of a piece I've been playing around with, since it's silly to rave about it, but not show you the color itself. Still, I don't feel the magic unless it's breathing in front of me. The snowflake shapes are from my new lace papers. They're made out of hemp and mulberry fiber.

I just started to recover yesterday after being stuck in bed, sick for a week. Gave me lots of time to think, I caught up on a bit of reading, but boy oh boy, am I ever happy to be able to stand up again. I had some good news in the meantime. A letter I wrote to Progress magazine got published this month. It answers if the arts are important in attracting bright minds to work in our cities. I wrote it in response to those who feel the arts are merely an annoying "social responsibility." If that's one of your pet peeves too, you can see the letter in full on the Juggling Man blog.

P.S. This is my 100th post! Hip, Hip, Hooray!


M.KATE said...

beautiful colours, never seen it like this from here..and congrats on the post and many more to come, happy weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I so understand your post you described my exact feelings about the color blue
I think becoming familiar with colors is the same as becoming familiar with people, it takes effort and understanding to feel (also an openess)to love. Beautiful post!!

Ms Dragonfly said...

exciting to use color like that! beautiful!!

Regina said...

I have also succumbed to "Lapis Lazuli Lust"! Not only do I have LL watercolor paint, but I made a LL necklace. Such a gorgeous blue, I must agree.