Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pink Saturday

The neighbour's roses are spilling out into the sidewalk.

A city space that was left to go wild is full of pretty clover.

My spouse-guy got me this peony and it's such a powerful, beautiful flower, that I've felt wildly happy and content whenever I look at it. Life is good with fresh flowers in the house!

This painting is called "Eros." It's the first painting I made when I decided to stop yearning and make art my career. It's a much more realistic style from what I do now. I'm interested in communicating thoughts. That's what drives my work, and the message is often missed if the subject is too realistic.
Saturday's are pretty quiet in blogland, especially with this being a holiday weekend in the States (hope everyone's havin' fun :), but there's a bunch who've snuck in a few minutes to celebrate Pink Saturday over at Beverly's blog, "How Sweet the Sound."
How could I resist? Of course colors should be celebrated!! For awile I "outgrew" pink. I thought I was too mature for it (lol, perhaps that was a sure sign of immaturity), but now I love it, whether sweet, sensual, dainty or loud.
Happy weekend!


Deborah said...

Beautiful pink blooms. I love peonies!

I love when we all come together to post on a specific topic such as Pink Saturday, so I'm trying to get bloggers together to post their favorite family photo on Fridays. Won't you join me? You could post a current picture or something from the past. I just posted my first Friday's Favorite Family Foto yesterday.

Email me before each Friday to let me know if you would like to participate. I will post your link and invite others to visit your post.


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

this is the best pink saturday post I've seen this week.. the roses.. pure bliss! thank you for sharing..

Beverly said...

Shayla, I am so glad you decided to participate in Pink Saturday.

And, what a visual treat you have provided for us. Each of your blooms is breathtaking.

I went through a period of not liking pink, too, but I rediscovered what a fun color it is. I think the world becomes a better place when we add in some pink.

Dawn said...

There is something about pink flowers that just makes me want to smile. I don't have a whole lot of pink in my life but I do so enjoy the pink flowers that I have. I also enjoy looking at other's beautiful pink blooms as well.

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

hautemommy said...

Love these photos... especially the pink peony, my fave flower!!!! :) xo!

Jeanne said...

Shayla, The flowers are so sweet, I love them too. I have to say, as an artist, 'you rock.' Think pink on Saturday. I bet now that you have done it you are hooked.

Happy pink Sat.


Christina said...

Oh how I love your pink - simply beautiful!!!!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful Pink Saturday post!!! Love that painting!

Angelic Accents

constance said...

Flowers, for me, are hard to paint...but yours, i thought was another photo that you've taken!

And as i scrolled down to read your past posts, my heart stopped beating a sec when i saw the Malaysia stamps! So familiar and i visited the know what, Penang is actually my hometown, where my 103 yr old grandma is still staying! :) I love Penang and you should visit this island too when you do come to Malaysia.

as for the painting you posted in "Rainy days and firings"...i actually love that very much! It's so free and well, i just love that! Sometimes, for me, it's better to let go and paint without thinking/planning...just paint with feelings!

Have a great weekend!

Heidi Ann said...

Just beautiful "pink" images!!!!...Heidi :)


That painting is amazing!!! As are the neighbor's flowers and the ones your hUnny brought to you!!!
I am off to peek at your blog more....

Robyn said...

Beautiful!!! I had to look twice at your painting, thinking it was another photograph.

picciolo said...

hi, love your pink saturday! And your new painting above, there was nowhere to leave a comment on that post? What a wonderful gift
: )

M.Kate said...

Shayla, that's painting looks so real..I thought it was a real flower, wow so amazing. Peonies are always my favourite..i've got a huge painting of peonies from China in my hall. For the Chinese, it's the symbol of love, that's why they alway paint peonies, esp for weddings, gifts etc. Sadly, I've never seen a real one..they cant grow hot :)

kate said...

Hello there! I just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for a Brilliant Blog Award. I discovered your blog a few days ago and really enjoyed my visit. I plan to visit regularly! To find out more about this award and how you can pass it on, visit my post today. Love your work. Thanks for what you do!