Thursday, July 10, 2008

Phew! Just in Time!

Last Wednesday morning I happened to look in my agenda (I've been leaving things loose and open for the summer, so I don't have many appointments- bliss!), when I found that I had until 4:00 to get my butt down to city hall with a painting for the juried art exhibit. Problem number one was that nothing was finished. Problem number two was that I had five students to teach that day.

In between students I glued and varnished. The heat had things set rather quickly.

My last student was done at 3:30. While thinking of a name for the piece ("Warm Memories"-meh- could use some work), I framed the piece, had to start over because of a mistake, got in my car, drove to city hall, dashed up to the 6th floor in a sweaty mess and submitted it in just in the nick of time.

Yay! I got in! I'm really happy that they chose it because this has been my third year applying.

Something else that really lifted my spirits was my first official blog award! Thanks so much, Kate! Kate's blog is called Art Vein Vessel. I have to share one of my favorite posts of hers. It talks about her visit to the far North in Quebec and the Inuit culture there is facinating.

Here are the rules:
1.Put the logo on your blog
2.Add a link to the person who nominated you
3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4.Add links to those blogs on your blog
5.Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Recognition makes us thrive so I want to pass this on to 7 very special blogs.

1. Art Propelled- Robyn has great resources on overcoming creative block, plus her stories of her life in South Africa are a real treat.

2. Creative Every Day - Leah's blog encourages and stimulates the creativity in others. Now she offers such a great read that she did get this award recently, so I offer it as honorary in nature.

3. Mika Art Blog- Mika's blog is a joy to check everyday. She posts one of her paintings and one line of text every day so it takes very little time to follow, and the happy images always make me smile.

4. La Vie est Belle- Mary Kate has the best arm chair travel blog around and she's got a heart of gold to go with it.

5. Picciolo- Gorgeous colors, and eye candy fabrics! She fits three full time jobs into one life with grace -the day job, designer/crafter/artist, and mom!

6. Juggling Man Jason's blog is informative with a touch of humour. I find design has so many interesting applications for the fine artist.

7. Amber Lounder Amber is very prolific, so there's lots of fresh, beautiful artwork to admire.


picciolo said...

thank you very much for the award Shayla! What a nice surprise. I will put it on my blog tomorrow. And I need to visit the other award winners too, I haven't seen a lot of them before. And well done with your painting, it looks great hanging in the exhibition, and the name is perfect
: )

Robyn said...

Shayla, thank you so much for the award. I really appreciate being appreciated :-)

I was surprised to see that your painting is actually much bigger then I first surmised. It is wonderful to see it hanging in the exhibition. Well done for getting in....of course! Your painting deserves to be there.

MiKa Art said...

Thank you very much, Shayla! I am very honoured.
My computer is having trouble recently - when it clears up, I will come back. Thanks again and see you soon!

M.Kate said...

Hello Shayla...

Thanks a million for the award, but truly blogs become super-blogs when you know the person behind it, like I know you :)

Beautiful painting as usual.

Have a fabtastic (just learned this from one of the blog-friend) weekend my dear. hugs always

Leah said...

Thank you so much, Shayla! And congrats on getting your art piece into the show!! It does look fabulous on the wall.