Friday, July 11, 2008

My Favorite Family Photo

Deborah at Pictures Pots Pens asked to see our favorite family photos. I took about twenty of Jace one night when he was playing the guitar. I just kept going hoping to get a good shot. I'm not so good at action photos. In the photo above he had stopped singing and was telling me about some magic tricks he was learning and his plot to use them.

Then he looked up with this expression. It's a signature Jason expression. I'll let him keep his secret as to what it means, but I'm glad I caught it.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Great shots! I love black and white photos.
Thanks for stopping in and visiting my blog.


Lovin' the black & white. So simple and elegant.
** These look like the ones so many people are framing and collaging for decorative purposes. You have a great eye for photography..
Love his look!!
Have a great weekend!!

Dawn said...

Your photos are really nice. I think black and white says so much!

Thanks for visiting my blog this morning. Yes, my son looks just like me :)

take care,

Deborah said...

Oh, a great photo and he is so handsome!

Funny, I had picked out one of my dad playing to post soon.

I hope you framed these!

Thank you for taking part in Friday Foto!


Vanessa Greenway said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! My hubby plays guitar too. It's so fun! Have a great day! Vanessa

Jeanne said...

Shayla, as my granddaughter would say Jason is hot. Smile! About that look, very intriguing. He looks like a very sweet guy too. Great photos in black and white.


Deborah said...

Thank you for those links, Shayla!
I took a quick look and I can't wait to go back and spend a lot of time there!

Some of my cousins will love these sites too.


Tracy said...

BOTH photos are great, Shayla! And both expressions have secrets, I think. Such fun to catch up on your post now we're back. We had FAB time in London! Now resting travel-weary feet and doing lots of laundry--LOL! Talk to you soon. Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Robyn said...

Great photos, Shayla! What does Jace think of them?

BTW, I forgot to tell you which Shayla blog post is my favourite. There are quite a few favourites but April 22, 2008 is a feel good post....and I love the painting.

Beverly said...

He looks like a sweetheart, and we all have to love those special looks from the men in our lives.

Shayla said...

Diane,Vintage Girl and Dawn, I love how black and white is so forgiving of the photographer! Lol! Makes it a fav for me when taking people pictures.

Deborah, glad you liked those sites of historic photos. Can't wait to see your dad playing guitar photo.

Vanessa- Yeah, I love it. Do you sing along too or does he serenade?

Hee hee! Thanks Jeanne, I think so too :)

Tracy- glad you're back! I bet London was fab!

Robyn, thanks! It's so nice to know that!!

Beverly- very true. See you tommorow for Pink Saturday! Yay!!!

M.Kate said...

Hello Shayla,
Very nice photos...not only handsome, sexy eyes too :P

kate said...

Nice photos. I used to take tons of black and white photos on my old SLR camera, but haven't done any on my digital camera. You've inspired me!