Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1, Art Every Day Month Begins

Did/ Been- After 4 hours sleep last night, I spent the day going slow and lazy in my big, fluffy slippers and pj's, yes I admit it, until 2:00. Some rebounding, listening to the last of The World's Biggest Summit (about good stuff like creativity, health, and personal development),worked on a writing project for a couple hours this afternoon and got to a milestone. Did some experiments with art journalling and glue. 

Back in the Studio- Pictured here is a 10 minute art making session with oils before work yesterday. Oils are messy, don't fit into my daily art practice often because of that, and it's been causing some frustration. I put the entire red layer on, scrubbing in the paint. You can still see some of the Studio Love Week decorations up in the background. With all my studio decorated in red for the past week, it's not a big surprise I was inspired to do a red under layer. 

How I feltThe painting was quite vigorous and after I felt elated. Got perfectionism issues today about doing Art Every Day stupendously with criteria and high standards out the ying yang and almost didn't post. Almost decided not to do the challenge after all, but where's the fun in that?

More about Art Every Day: Leah started the project 9 years ago. She explains it was, "a challenge to myself to create some art every day for one month and post it on my blog. I was inspired by Nanowrimo and wanted to do something similar with art, and thus Art Every Day Month (AEDM) was born. Posting art on my blog every day helped to keep me accountable and it was fun to share my creations. The following year, I invited people to join in and each year since I've had great groups of creative people committing themselves to more creativity for the month of November with me."


Sandy Coleman said...

Keep going. You are doing great!

Elin said...

I looked at your portfolio and I really like your work, and I´m looking forward to reading more about your "art every day".

Serena said...

I'm glad you stayed with the AEDM challenge too. Enjoy all that red...vibrant and rich!

Btw, you have some amazing work in your portfolio.

Serena :)