Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct 25, diary post and International Artist's Day

Art journal page

Did/Been/Back in the Studio- Started the day to a decorated studio. Declared this week "Studio Love Week" in honour of today being International Artist's Day. I've got hearts, garlands, glitter wands, heart stickers, ribbons and joyful tackiness all around me. Working on a writing project this morning, finishing details like the sides of my mini-canvases, the regular stuff like appointments, cleaning, exercise, reading. Lastly, stayed up too late after getting carried away in my art journal (photo is of work today).

Savoured- International Artist's Day with Glitter! Boinking Jason on the head with the magic glitter wand. I can hardly believe it. I'm not the glitter sort, usually. As Dimitri Martin says, "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies." But I loved all the cheery, party red in my studio. Hopefully we'll get some sun and I'll get some  pictures. 

Feeling- Tired, but satisfied, relaxed, more joyful. Decorating the studio was a declaration to create from a place of love, from what I'm able to do, to serve with what I have instead of coming from a traditional goal mindset. I have one week left to reach a goal that I won't reach- came to terms with that.  I learned the hard way this month that for me this is a way to get more flow and peace in my life.

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Tracy said...

International Artist's Day... I was sorry to miss it. But glad to hear for your glitter adventures. That quote is hilarious about the glitter! I didn't use to be the glitter sort either, but became so the past year or two--all art supplies have magic now, I think! LOVE this page from your art journal, Shayla! Looks almost like a solar plexus celebration there. ;o) Don't worry about the goal. Goals are good to have, of course. But a bit of flexibility is good too. That you've found process and flow are gifts in themselves. I think it's wonderful, too, that you've been posting all these weeks--that's a gift too. ;o) ((HUGS))