Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, Diary Post

Did/Been-Super busy day at the shop.

Back at the studio- Didn't think I'd get to make art today. It was a tornado kind of a day and my priority was on taking a breather, but it happened all on its own. Found myself doodling on the back of my sketchbook. Doodles count :D The little drawing also gave me insight into how I was feeling.

Feeling- in need of some quiet time

Savoured- Got a parcel of new books delivered today. Two on art and one on authentic Chinese cooking. One of the art books is a gift. I may need to order a few more copies, it's that good. I'll share a mini review soon.

The hectic day combined with wanting to dig in to my new books (YAY!) has superseded further art making tonight.

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M.Kate said...

Doodling is good. I doodle all the time... :)