Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26, Diary Post

Today's Art Journal page 

Did/Been- Adjusting inventory at the shop, not adjusting to the drastic change in weather, probably caught chill, going to bed early.

Back in the studio- I finished up the above journal page. It's an absolute mess of materials including regular, ugly, blue, ink pen (and I love it-no regrets). When I was finished steeping my tea, I'd throw the bag on the page to make stains, then came the layers. Although they're not forcasting snow around here yet, the frost seemed an appropriate finishing touch.
Savoured- asking and receiving help. When I got home we ran out of hot water in the middle of filling the tub. I asked and got help boiling water in the canning pot to top up my tub. Thankfully that chill has worked it's way out of my bones. Time to get out my Canadian winter sweaters.

How I felt- For such a difficult day, this piece finished up like a breeze. I'm happy about that and enjoying how the journal lets me play. Consistency isn't an issue. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece! It's becoming more and more fall like here...not quite cold enough for thick sweaters...but soon!

EVA said...

It turned out beautifully! I love the colour choices and the interplay of circles.

louciao said...

I'm loving the colours, circle motif, textures and general floatiness of this composition. I could lose myself in there quite happily.