Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27, Diary Post and Healing art Journal Pages

Journal page finished today
Did/Been- Morning at home, exercising, cooking, napping (hooray! that was great), and afternoon/evening at art shack.
Back in the Studio- Being tired, I crawled back into bed around 10:30 this morning and finished the above page. Art in bed on a cold, overcast day is tops! The lyrics are to a song Jason wrote and most of the artwork was something I'd started a couple years ago at the same time he wrote the song. Both tap into what was going on for us at that time. I covered the page with tracing paper today, and wrote the lyrics to his song on it. You can see the page, but it's muted, kind of like memory. All the scribbles and notes are blurry.We're at new beginnings right now, so this was my way of recording and finishing up the last phase of our lives.

How I felt- Bittersweet memories, they were some tough times, and overall I have respect and love for that chapter of our lives. So in a word? Closure.


Tracy said...

Closure via art, it is such a healing thing. Jason's words are beautiful, and so your art to match it Shayla. Wishing you both a bright, new chapter. :o) And next time I'm not well, I'll be setting up a table in bed to work by--great idea! So much love seeing all this behind the scenes of your art, progress and life. Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

louciao said...

I like how the tracing paper gives it a "through the mists of time" effect.

Jason Newcomb said...

Those lyrics are difficult to read even now for me.