Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28, diary post

Did/Been/Back in the Studio- Been in a vortex, whirlwind of a day. Three skids of back ordered art supplies arrived today, and somehow the wave of humanity matched that flow. Internet orders, computer overhauls, phone ringing like crazy and lots of shoppers. Watched Alpha's with Jace tonight, played with a collage composition but didn't finish it, and going to bed early.

Savoured- In the calm before the storm, I was looking at paper samples at work when this one sample struck me as the most beautiful paper I've ever seen. It was gray and soft.  It brought to mind a man in a flannel shirt, with a beard, smelling of wood smoke and pine needles. It was sensual. Come to find out this paper has a story. It's made out of used jeans, the black ones. They don't dye it or bleach it. It may fade, just like an old pair of jeans. Here's the manufacturer's site, but of course the internet sample means nothing. It must be felt and seen. 


Jason Newcomb said...

Alphas was great! Rachel totally pwned Griffin.

Jeane said...

the paper sounds amazing - will have to check it out! xo

Wild C said...

Oh if I could only pop by and check out those papers with you! I'd definitely leave with a stack!