Monday, October 31, 2011

October 30, Dairy Post

A page from my moleskin, testing out Inktense pencils.

Did/Been- Storm day and it was made for all things cosy. Got the spinning wheel going. Cooking, reading, napping, snuggling, music, wearing extra thick woolly socks from Heidi's London-Wul Farm and my yearly ritual of reading winter themed poetry on the first day of snow. 

Back in the Studio- Goofing off with my new Inktense watercolor pencils. We haven't bonded yet, so I'm experimenting and developing techniques until something hits the spot. Moleskin journals with the watercolor paper are nice because you don't have to prep the page and you still don't get wrinkling when using wet medium like above. 

Savoured- Robyn's post from Art Propelled on self-excavation. I loved the quote so much it ended up in my journal over an old page (the 'Yes' was already on the page so I just wrote around it).


Tracy said...

That quote is wonderful! And I like your rendering of the tree with the Inktense--very illustrative and dreamy. For all the snow you sound very cozy and happy. We've not even had snow here yet. ;o) Thank you for your Samhain thoughts at my place. During my chakras project I explored goddess worship more, which as very interesting. I have long felt the power of the Universe to be feminine--the Goddess. :o) Happy Halloween ((HUGS))

Deborah Carr said...

I love seeing how you muse and mutter with ink instead of words. I adore Heidi's wools...I have a gorgeous scarf of hers that I leave wrapped on a chair in summer as it's too pretty to put away.

ArtPropelled said...

Such a great quote isn't it?! Well I have bonded with your Inktense rendering. Gorgeous juicy colours!
Going up on my noticeboard >>> Resting the mind is as important as resting the body. I am really enjoying the daily record Shayla. Lots of interesting and inspiring snippets!