Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22, Diary Post

Sketch I did during my first life drawing class during her 10 or 15 minute pose

Did/Been  Slept in, plentiful breakfast, listened to Jace playing guitar then I joined him with the djembe and we jammed in our pyjamas. He taught me a bit of guitar and I was surprised at how little resistance I had. Also found I had prior knowledge that was useful. I plucked the strings and pulled out a melody much like I'd do when I was playing flute. We got our groceries at the farmers market. After relaxing, I painted. Followed that with gentle rebounding and listened to an audio by Jessica Chilton M.A., N.C.C called "From Illness to Creative Wellness: The Art of Loving Yourself and Your Life, Whether the Illness Stays or Disappears". Jace is working on our romantic supper now while I snack. 

Back in the Studio Worked on a small 16x20" painting, then pushed myself to get to a big project that's been waiting to get finished. Made good progress then got to a point where I didn't know if it was done or not. I put it aside. Back to the 16x20" and I've challenged myself to make 'gold' without using gold. I remember being fascinated when I first observed a realistic illustration of a crown when I was a child. The way the yellow, black, and the white highlight made it appear to shine just like metal. How it worked when I did it too.
Out came colours I normally detest, like ochre and hansa yellow medium. I let the colors get swampy then got a real kick out of naples yellow beside muddy, swampy colors. I squeezed cadmium red on my brayer and rolled it over the focal point of the painting and got some interesting results. I learned a lot today.

How I felt - a whole range. Initially uninterested in painting (would have preferred a nap), followed by peaceful, quiet focus, enjoyable exploration, then crankiness, a block in the flow. Like painting in a vat of molasses with heavy, slow moving limbs. I admit to pushing myself today. This brought on a roller coaster of unpleasant thoughts and feelings. The audio I listened to helped me feel more peaceful again. 

Conversations at the Newcomb Household today: Is imagination the fifth dimension? 

Savored: Singing "Free Falling" by Tom Petty out loud on a walk this morning. I love that chorus, it sounds like swinging on the swings and it feels like freedom.  


Tracy said...

Oh, I loved this entry, Shayla! Jammin' in your jammies... that is such fun! Singing a long with Tom Petty is always a good idea. ;o) And I love your gold experiments. Since I've been painting again, I've noticed lots of colors coming up and happening that I thought I didn't like before, but and really loving not--like orange. It's amazing! Your listening, From Illness to Creative Wellness, intrigues. I will try to find this. OK, go back to jammin'... ((HUGS))

ArtPropelled said...

I had my heavy molasses day yesterday but today was quite productive. By the sounds of things you got quite a lot done. Love the sketch.

Jason Newcomb said...

This reminds me of a pic I used for a project in college. Very similar pose.