Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 21, Diary post

From the chapter "Forms and Structures" in the book Drawing Dynamic Hands by Burne Hogarth

Did/Been  Worked at Art Shack, took in the warm October sun, Jace was out and that didn't stop me from cooking a special meal I served myself on my special dishes. Browned butternut squash, thin sliced on a mandoline, with crunchy fried onions and garlic creamed greens. Comforting. Delicious and my body liked it too. Got my spinning wheel ready, threaded it, did some knitting and listened to an audio book. Jace came home, told me about his interview with Mystonic Records yesterday and we planned part of the plot for an upcoming role playing game we host at our house.

Back in the Studio One of my weaknesses with life drawing is 'hands' so I've been doing an exercise that many academics and traditionalists frown on. Tracing successful images. The exercise above is focused on the arms to understand the hands better. I've found tracing can be a repetitive movement that gives me an understanding of a form and there is an instant gratification factor. I still use observation when doing 'real' work. For me, this is like a musician practicing scales. 
Savored: Noticing that the human body swells and dips like the ocean with its curves. 

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