Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oct 20, diary post

Collage ingredients
This morning started with teaching "Blogging for Beginners" in a V.I.P. Day format. That means instead of a workshop of 10 or more, it's specialized one on one. Feel free to welcome Jacqueline at The Evolution of Madame Rust. Her artwork features beautiful textures, fiber, metals, all kinds of goodness. 

A wellness treatment this afternoon, followed by seeing Dave Skyrie's exhibit, "Decade", and an unsuccessful shopping trip. Played Djembe tonight. Exercised, crazy danced, relaxed. 

Back in the studio: More art journalling, actually. The collage photo was from earlier this week. Lots of words. Feeling the need to record. 
Savored: Under my umbrella watching raindrops and mist. The drops were miniscule at one point, and  flying horizontally. They looked silver. 
How I felt- Better than ever. That treatment left me feeling powerful. That's why writing was so important today. I had to document all the new realizations and feelings. 

On my way to treatment, with the bus now a few feet away, I realize I don't have my pass. I've already missed one bus and won't be able to take the next. My change purse is empty. On the ground I find fare. I heard the song "The Foggy Dew" today at the Spa. An obscure Irish folk song I used to play at King's Landing and that I taught my little brother to sing. It has a lot of personal meaning.

1. good nights sleep last night
2. artsy conversation
3. the Robin's egg blue in the kitchen is cheerful on a rainy day


Tracy said...

Very much enjoying following the waves of your days, Shayla! LOVE having a sneak peek art you art/journalling. Many for the newsletter love! I look forward to sending it out to you by Monday... Hope you, and everyone, will enjoy it. Am very excited about this, as it's something I've wanted to try for a while, especially as I love to write, and find it a way to combine all my loves. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

MiKa Art said...

This is an amazing project!

I love and admire your openness. Please keep going!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Special to come across this diary post...loved the frank open writing. Haven't had the pleasure of holding an umbrella for years and I suddenly missed that wonderful sound of rain on the silky cloth above my head. I will return.

louciao said...

Thanks for bringing Madame Rust out of her cave. Keep on dancing, drumming, dreaming, and doing art. Do it like no one is looking, even though we all are!