Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16 Diary post and The Pulse

Seth from The Altered Page is hosting The Pulse, "a collaborative project that aims to introduce you to new artists" and today he's featuring technique and tool. Seth says," Participants were asked: 'The one technique or tool that you cannot live without is...' I learned my favourite technique from Claudine Hellmuth and talk more about it on his blog. 

Meditation first thing. Some quiet time to read and think, blog reading, having my homemade crispy chicken nuggets salad with creamy dressing for a sit down lunch with Jason, visiting with my brother and neighbours, hiking at my favourite park, snapping a million photos, studio time, another sit down meal for two- not only a rare luxury here, but twice in one day!
Back in the studio: Collaging my new series. Yesterday I'd had everything out and ready to go but had no desire for it. The project felt more like housework, since my only motivation to do it was to have the supplies put away again. Glad I waited, since today I enjoyed it. 
Savored: The smell of the woods, the way the trees in the woods looked like a Japanese painting, or a fairy tale. Collecting leaves. Do they really do that every year? What an amazing world!

How I felt
Have you ever noticed dogs on walks? They have this look on their face like, "OMG! this is the BEST! Life is great! I'm on a walk! I'm on a walk!" I may have looked like that with a goofy grin at everyone I saw. I know I felt it. After blogging, I'm going to do more collage. It feels right today.

The theme of 'peace' was a big part of my day.
A new word
Shinrin-yoku, translated literally 'forest bathing'. I loved this article in Alive magazine about it and somehow had remembered it as being more beneficial to lay on the ground. Rereading the article, I see it says nothing about that (unless you want to), but I had gone off the trail and did enjoy laying on the ground enjoying the fall forest. 


Tracy said...

So much relishing your diary posts, Shayla...a fun behind the scenes, and learning more about you. I love to watch the expressions of dogs out on walks--they do give the vibe of being very happy to be out & about. We can learn a lot from dogs. ;o) So much to savor this post... Off to dig into the links. Look forward to seeing your collage work. Happy Creative week, my friend ((HUGS))

deb said...

I really like the structure of your posts and the insight into your world. And I vote for laying on the forest floor, absolutely the way to go

MB Shaw said...

Like you, I always look at dog's faces. Invariably they are so happy I swear they are smiling :)
As far as Wood Icing, the developer (who is a friend of mine) won't say exactly, but I do know it cleans up with water, is latex based and is very nearly VOC free (has only like 1% odor or something like that). It was originally used for walls/furniture in the faux finishing business.

Shayla said...

Thanks girls, and Mary Beth that sounds perfect. Rubber is used successfully for mattresses. I would trust it over a plastic product any time.