Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15 diary post


 Some light rebounding first thing this morning, an early trip to the farmer's market, then I opened up the shop. Art classes for the older children is full to capacity now and it was a busy day. Registrations to take, customer service and sales and some good chats with the regulars and some of New Brunswick's leading artists...and something totally AWESOME I'll get to later.

Back in the studio: Tired, overstimulated and didn't feel like making art. Decided to do it anyway, then figured there must be a way to do it that I would enjoy in this moment. Life drawing, but Jace would be too tired to model so I modelled for myself in front of a mirror. I'm not the type to hang out naked around the house. To my surprise, it worked as a clear transition between frazzled and relaxed. It felt so good to be free of hot and tired socks, pinching bra, leggings and public garb. Randomly I chose a journal page in my moleskin and it was covered with lists of all the things I love. The nudity of the image ended up being more intimate, I think, because it came with the model's thoughts.
Savored: The weather was warm, windy, with dramatic racing clouds and felt charged with electricity. It was like something amazing was on its way.

How I feltRight now (for those who might be worried about it, I'm clothed again) I'm mellow. Which is cool. I don't mellow easily. Preparing for a quiet, indulgent evening of rest. 

AwesomenessA friend lent me their Djembe. Jason, surprise to me, knows how to play and after a demo which I danced to, he gave me lessons. I discovered I don't sit still while I play. My body still dances.
Something I want to take forward: learned that "oil on paper" works are made by applying a couple layers of gesso to stiff paper (300 1lb watercolour paper is good) first so the oil doesn't seep and leave "halos". I'd seen a bunch of oil on paper works and had been wondering about that. Guess this fits into 'synchronicity' too.


louciao said...

I think this is really gutsy of you to put a daily journal up on your say nothing of getting naked in front of us all.

ArtPropelled said...

hmmm so you would recommend getting naked to feel mellow. I'll try it..... though if i see myself in the mirror I might get a tension headache.

Shayla said...

ba hah ha, Lynn. I won't be posting the image.

Robyn, yes- I guess at times it can help, lol. Right time, right place...perhaps a glass or two of wine ;) Life drawing is my new 'just for me' art and tends to mellow me out. Doesn't matter who the model is.

Jeane said...

wonderful post, I love this idea of sharing your thoughts, ideas, days xo