Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14 diary post

4x4"  mini canvas


 Business activities all morning like computer backup (still manual) and getting ready to sell on ebay. Got on the wrong bus, so didn't end up at the park for another TLC afternoon, but did do errands that will make our nest more comfortable. Got back around 2:30 and indulged with my audio book, and art making. Watched Soul Art TV while making supper.

Back in the studio: Working on ACEO's and 4x4 canvases but in a new series. They don't look at all like the piece above except for size.
Savored: being in bed on a rainy day while listening to my audio book, The Help. 

How I felt: I am so EXCITED and charged about this new series. It's fun. While I've still got something to say with my landscape series, this change is energizing.

Soulful Stuff: I really connected with Lisa Sonora Beam's video for Soul Art TV. 
Serendipidy: Quite a bit today, but keeping a secret just now. I will mention one happy discovery: Two people who don't know each other both recommended the band "Yes" to me today and some exploration looks like it might be significant for my painting.

3 things I'm grateful for: 
1. Jace is picking up some sweet potatoes for this craving I have. We also had a lazy day gab fest this afternoon and neither of us was worried about being "productive". He's awesome.
2. changing into comfy pj's and sweat shirt hours before bedtime
3. mom sent pictures of her travels on her sailboat. They've made it from Maine to New York.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

These diary posts are fun to read!

Carole said...

Hi Shayla, Do you mean the Soul Art TV online series with Laura? If it is I watch it too. This is a really interesting and fun blog to read. Thanks.

Jason Newcomb said...

#4 is supposed to got near the park but you have to ride it the whole loop.

Shayla said...

Thanks Leslie. Carole, yes, Soul Art TV with Laura Hollick. It's especially good this year. I find she's gotten better at interviewing and the guests are great.
Jace- I'll get to a woodsy park yet.