Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13 diary post

Took a much needed TLC day. I took a thermos of home made chicken soup for a picnic which I had on a  favourite walking trail, had a nice long walk, and came home for an epsom salt bath. Housework, art making, listening to an inspirational lecture by Jennifer Louden "Learn how to Savour and Serve" gifted free from the World's Biggest Summit
an early supper at the Blue Olive, went to a friend's art opening at Galerie Mosaique and listening to my audible library.  
Back in the studio: The newsprint was so freeing yesterday, I did some more today. This time I tapped into the child in me and did a rainbow coloured piece in oil pastels (grown up crayons) of our home with all kinds of joyous creativity coming from our studio. Jace is working on a new project and the creative energy around here is positive and exciting. 
Savored: The loudest sound being the leaves rustling in the trees on the trail. I sat on the ground in a cosy nook and just listened.
How I felt: A million times better! A bout of insomnia from all the excitement of new events/projects has kept me sleep deprived for a week. Now I'm much more relaxed.
Soulful Stuff: That spot I found reminded me of the "camps" I made in the woods as a kid. Those are magic making, resetting my body, mind and soul. 


ArtPropelled said...

Good idea! Walking, listening to leaves and sipping home made chicken soup. It's time I took a TLC day!

Tracy said...

Your day has a such a HAPPY, positive vibe, Shayla! Oh, I could use a TLC day... a TLC week maybe...LOL! We've been doing a GIGANTIC clean & purge over the house/garage and it's taking time. It's been dipping into my creative time too, so I'm feeling need of some savor time... Enjoy that vibe! Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS)) P.S. I'm having a teeny, tiny giveaway, stop by if you get time... :o)

Carole said...

Good for you! It's important to take TLC days every once in a while. Mine usually consists of a walk along the rocky beaches or a day on the couch with a good book.