Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17 Diary Post

Today was an organizing day at Art Shack. Fixing the framing display, unpacking and pricing, contacting people to pick up their special orders, setting up a new display of face paint, and a bit of accounting. Stopped into the international grocery store after work, and then home cooking and unwinding. 
Back in the studio: Raw art journalling- meaning: not pretty, no recipe, not for display and perhaps not for sharing. Where it is raw, it may not even be finished. Those pages have a tendency to get layered.
Savored: Listening to a youtube Mozart playlist all evening. I not only used to play him on my flute, but a dear mentor once gave me a cassette with many of his piano recordings and when I hear those songs especially my body melts in relaxation and memory.
How I felt
Truth? Exhausted! I'm going to catch up on some sleep debt after this. As for how I felt about my art, I felt freedom. I'm pleased I didn't force myself to 'perform' to any 'rules' today but allowed a mess, allowed it to get ugly if needed.

Jason needed olives for a recipe but forgot them. I bought them spontaneously. Kee hee! he's planning a romantic dinner for me. It's not a surprise anymore, but I like it better that way. I'm not big on surprises. 

1. home made Asian noodle soup for supper was soothing
2. tranquility and peace while knitting and listening to music
3. the change of the seasons, the early dark in particular feeling so cosy right now


M.Kate said...

Hi ya Shayla, wow , your daily diary post seems like there's a lot of happening in one day. I have less than that and still cant find enough hours to fit everything in. Enjoy the food, will be back again :)

Jeane said...

you savored Mozart and I savored your post xo

Tracy said...

Mozart... a studio listening favorite here too, Shayla! Your raw journal intrigue... I love that... RAW! A romantic dinner... I don't think anyone's every made me a romantic dinner. I'm usually the cook. ;o) Enjoying the darker evenings too. I love October for it's richness of variety. Happy Day ((HUGS))