Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wierd! Your couch is purple!

Here's my 9 foot long, purple velvet couch. Yes, I picked the fabric out myself and had it reupholstered that way on purpose and then went on to pick out apple green chairs ;) So far I haven't gotten further than that but eventually I'll have a theme of purple, apple green and aqua (like the throw on the chair) as the color scheme.

Right now textiles mom picked up in Guatemala adds lots of color. In the small black frame under the new painting is a cherished rose sculpture made by my great grandmother, a hand turned bowl made by my father- in law- holds a beeswax candle on the coffee table and there are books everywhere.

DJ, thanks for the idea for today's post. Last post I admitted to liking my new painting so much in part because it matches the sofa. DJ suggested I show a photo. This Saturday the painting goes to my gallery, Terre Verde in Moncton so it's time to get out more purple paint.


Margie said...

Oh, it's lovely!
I love purple!
Your room looks so inviting with all the great colors!


DJ said...

I LOVE your purple couch!!
{Drool, drool, drool}

You mean the brand new baby painting isn't going to stay? ~Insert Shameless Whine Here~
Please do another one for this room, and please motivate yourself to complete the decor in your beautiful color scheme, which I think is inspired.
Thanks for sharing.

Margaret Ryall said...

I could live with a purple sofa with no difficulty at all. As a matter of fact my sofa is green and my accents are purple! Two peas in a pod.

Leah said...

yum. what delicious colors. i love the feeling it gives me just to look at your living room.

nanke's stuff said...

It's looking really good! It just looks happy to me. nancy

MiKa Art said...

I love your living room look! It's so clean and nice. (I love that throw!)

Have a happy Valentine's day weekend! (Oh, are you going to watch the Olympics? I am kind of excited)

ArtPropelled said...

Your painting looks so at home on the wall near your gorgeous purple couch. I agree with DJ. You had better get painting.

picciolo said...

the painting looks perfect there, it's almost a shame it has to go to the gallery! What a gorgeous room you have, I loved your expanation of all the family items in there, and your colour scheme is delicious
: )

Tracy said...

YUMMY interior, Shayla! I LOVE, love, love the purple sofa! Purple sofa...*swoon*... And I like your purple, green, aqua theme--very fresh, exciting, yet soothing...wonderful! I could live in that room--LOL! I recall when we moved into our house a few years ago, we briefly dallied with choosing a red sofa, but opted for white is it "went" with so much other things we had...LOL! It's interesting what we choose for our surroundings. Thanks for this fun post. Happy Valentine Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

neva gagliano said...

AND the sofa reminds me of a favorite one from long ago, the wine colored wool velvet.

funny, i know we laugh at people who want to buy art "to match the couch"......but in this case, it's TOO PERFECT to part them.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Shayla,

A deep rich purple is indeed inviting and indeed go well with the granny smith apple green chairs.

What impresses me most are the artifacts of your family, treasures that are priceless and so loved and cherished by you. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us.

Warmest regards,

mansuetude said...

my father's favorite color scheme always had purple, my mother couldn't stand it.

M.Kate said...

Love the sofa..never thought that purple will look good but it does on yours :) and what a long one too. If I am visiting, I wont mind sleeping on the couch hehe, it looks very luxurious to me. happy week ahead Shayla..hugs/M