Friday, February 26, 2010

Paper Weaving

This card was made using a layer of handmade lace paper and a paper weaving. I wanted a way to fit in a short session of art everyday and with oils drying all over a small studio, this meant taking up paper projects. It took two 15 minute sessions.

The lines were ink blown on the paper ages ago with a straw. I just cut them up, wove them together, and stuck them onto mac tac. That was the first session. I love black and white. It's also refreshing to make non-representational art. I find getting involved in composition and the various art elements is engaging.
The next day I recycled a printed card by putting card stock over the image, adding my other paper layers and sewing them on the sewing machine. Paper clips worked like pins to keep all the papers from slipping while I sewed.

Our landlady just finished a kitchen renno in our apartment that was completely MCS safe. I stayed with family for a couple of weeks and came home to no fumes, a counter (before I had 8" on either side of the sink) and glories of glories: a dishwasher. At present, I'm convinced this appliance has made me into an adult capable of handling life ;) Who would of thought it all boiled down to the dishes? or more precisely, not having to do them.


MiKa Art said...

Wow, very unique card!

Congratulations on getting the dishwasher - I wish that some day the all annoying housework is done by robots!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Beautiful card! How wonderful to have a MCS safe remodel!

ArtPropelled said...

Shayla this card is worthy of a frame. I have a thing for stitching on paper and canvas ..... and wood.

I waited years before getting a dishwasher. Years! Now I have one and when it goes on the blink for whatever reason I feel the urge to fall apart..... or have a tantrum.

DJ said...

No dishwasher??? You poor thing! If I had known, you would have been receiving SYMPATHY cards from me!
The work in this beautifully layered card is well-spent; hope you'll create more beauty with paper and share.
As for larger work, I'm trying to find room for drying oil canvases myself...any tips?
(I may blog about this and ask for storage suggestions as well.)

lilasvb said...

very nice card

Tracy said...

Paper suits you, Shayla! ;o) I do love this paper work--very exciting! I love that hint of red in the mostly monochromatic scheme. That lace paper is fantastic--very effective and ethereal! Very glad the reno when well--and you're now chemical free. And with dishwasher too--CONGRATULATIONS! What, no dishwasher before? Oh, my... I couldn't image kitchen life without a dishwasher--LOL! ENJOY! Hope we'll see some more paper art soon. I like the idea of short-term crafting/creation... Happy Days ((HUGS))

picciolo said...

What a great project, it certainly looks like it took longer than that to do, I love the red stitches over the black and white.

Watch out, it is very easy to take your dishwasher for granted, ours needed to be repaired last week and I missed it! I'm glad your kitchen refit went well, show us a picture!
: )

Margie said...

Hi Shayla
Love the card, it's beautiful!

Margie :)

layers said...

hello. thank you for stopping by my blog. I also love to use collage and move papers and textures around in non-objective ways. and dishwashers rule!

jeane said...

oh Shayla, what a fantastic landlord - a new kitchen, WITH DISHWASHER, and no fumes! life is good - I really like your card :)

Shayla said...

DJ, one thing I've tried for making space for drying oil paintings, is to get my clothes drying rack and set that up in the studio. It helps. Perhaps I need two of them...

I did a search and found a company that does mega drying racks with lots of drying room. These would be even better:

Jane, sure. I'll share a picture soon.