Monday, February 8, 2010

Extreme Painting Makeover

BEFORE- "Hidden Heart" acrylic on canvas 2005

The first painting was done in a hurry and I chose the rose because it would be easy to do. The rose became a metaphor for a person who holds everyone at a distance. It's hard to know who they are because they won't let you see. The rose itself looks fake like porcelain make up. The center doesn't tempt you in. I resented the way this painting held me at a distance and was happy to finally cover it over.

Here is a close up of the second painting. The color is right on, an issue I haven't been able to resolve after months of shots in freezing weather for the full sized photos. Here the pinks are more visible and the yellows are warmer just like in real life.
Part way through the second painting, I kept thinking "mom." I know the subconscious tends to be quiet, but when I'm painting I can sometimes hear it. I realized the color scheme was based on my mother's glass vases. When I was done I could see the story clearly. It was the story of mothers and daughters, the inevitable tensions, resolutions and love. Out of my last series it was my favorite for two reasons: 1 It matches my sofa ;) 2 it's so personal.

AFTER- "Voyage à l'Horizon" oil on canvas 18"x24" © 2009 Shayla Perreault Newcomb


Regina said...

This is gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing your color story. It's really amazing how much of ourselves is revealed in our art and that we don't even realize at the outset of a project.

picciolo said...

the colours are beautiful! How wonderful to see that influences from your mum are in your work, and how perfect that it matches your sofa too!!
: )

ArtPropelled said...

Oh no Shayla... you didn't cover it over? I came straight over to see when I saw the rose in my sidebar! Aah well I also like the others but hide the ones you like for a while before covering them up just in case you learn to love them :-)

DJ said...

Gee, I like them both!
Would we be graced with a shot of the final painting hanging over your sofa?
The detail shot is lovely...a nudge into a cropped, zoom-in composition, perhaps? :-)

Margie said...


M.Kate said...

All the paintings are wonderful. I love the simplicity of the rose but the story and connection about your mother is the strongest. I totally agree about the subconscious part as it is so prevalent in us all the time, we tend not to think about it..but it's definitely there. Happy week ahead Shayla and hugs

Tracy said...

WOW...Shayla! Wow seems so silly and light and expression, but I'm blown away by all the painting here! The rose is lovely rendered, but it does have a "plastic" quality... very interesting your story and reasons for experimenting with the painting. The after...oh, the after...*SWOON* is outstanding, there is so much emotion here--and it's connection with your mother, it all makes perfect sense. It is truly beautiful to behold. Emotion and art...amazing how they work together, or not! Happy Day, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

MiKa Art said...

Wow, this is really extreme makeover! It is amazing to see how artist's relation to the work changes the depth of the work!!