Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fair Fun

Great weekend! Did an art fair in the world's lobster capital, Shediac.

Met lots of intersting people. Lots of travellers were getting in one last adventure before going back to the routine. The artwork I'd dyed with onion skins and coffee were a big hit. Saturday was a little unusual, since the organizers played drinkin' music all day. The artist sharing my tent was doing painting demonstrations and found it very hard to concentrate. She suggested some music that would be more artsy, and the following day was right on.

Most of the artists I know did awesome. Dave did very well. He sold a painting after being open only 10 minuites. Amber almost sold out. I'm thrilled too. It was such an improvement for me over last year (last year was pretty sad). I saw an 800% increase in sales. Now you can tell I'm a former business woman talking like that. Artists aren't supposed to care about sales and percentages. I can't help it. Personally I find it validating. A great plus is that you make a connection with the people. You "click", so it's like finding a bunch of new friends.

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