Thursday, August 30, 2007

Take a Pill

Most of my energy, mental and physical, has been going into this painting, "Le Sage" (that means the Sage not as in the plant but as in wisdom). It's done. This is the first finished piece I've photographed that has the dyed coffee filters in it. They turn out lovely- a little transparent, and natural looking like skins.I'm happy with it and it's ready for tommorow morning's deadline. The vernissage/opening is on Tuesday at lunch at the library.

I've worked myself into anxiety overload with all the "should do's" for the art fair. No, I'm not actually going to take a pill...well... does homeopathic count? That and shopping for a new bubble bath will do the trick. I've also done the unthinkable- not invited my mailing list to the fair. I'll make it up to them later with an open house. Too much on the go, and "Le Sage" was my priority.

It's for an exciting project called "Magnum Opus." The city library is really taking promotion of the arts in Moncton to a new level. They're going to show off their new gallery space with this promo and the press is involved for all the maritime provinces. Artists from all the Maritimes (eastern Canada without Ontario and Quebec) are participating, although I'm still not sure who. The show is going to travel to Heron Bay Gallery, and then the Capital Theatre Gallery for a Gala auction.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shayla,

Just have a minute, and I wish I had more time to browse your website as it does interest me... but you know how it goes with managing priorities...
I really LOVED your painting with the coffee filters / tea bags. It seems like it's a different style for you, but it just seems to suit you. Great job! Getting better and better and better ( if that's even possible ). I hope you are well and hope to be able to chat with you soon. Keep up the good work. Sylvette