Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Swing of Things

This is a photo of Mario's "Parloirs." The way he likes to paint is to invite a bunch of friends over for supper, or out to a restaurant. He sets up his easel and hands out game cards. They all have a question to debate that's kind of philosophical-like, "What is desire?" He then listens in on everyone's discussion for inspiration and paints at the same time. He has his easel set up. After we've ordered he starts the first session, and in between courses we go to the next. It was a lot of fun and the artwork turned out fabulous. The spontanaety comes out in his work. He doens't have a site, but you can check out a small photo of his work here (and practice your French at the same time).

Some great art openings last week. One was Mario's, plus Roger Vautour, Eveline Gallant Fournier, and Charlaine Gauthier. Les Hookeuses du Bor'de'lo(a pun- it means rug hookers by the shore in Acadian French, while having a little fun with an English interpretation. They're fiber artists, not prostitutes...) is coming up this week.
Everyone's gotten back into the swing of things with enthusiastic momentum. I ordered my canvasses for the December show, they're ready for pick up and am in the process of getting approval from city hall for the date. I'm hoping for the twelfth of December.


Anonymous said...

mmm looks like you had fun I'd love to watch Mario work
You're having a show at city hall?

Shayla said...

Yes, just before Christmas. Hopefully no big snowstorms.