Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Behind the scenes Wednesday- Fitting a studio into a tiny apartment

Nature is abundant here. Here's a plein air artist doing her thing at the botanical gardens. Perhaps she's where I got my inspiration for making the most of my reduced living space.

How do you fit a studio into a 500 square foot home?

We're now in an apartment with half the footage of our last place and the plan was to pack the studio, put it all in storage, do small works and wait until I had the funds to rent a studio with another artist or group of artists. 

Here's an idea... have figured out how to use the broom closet/linen closet for storing supplies and get extra space for the easel and larger canvas on sunny days on our balcony. So, the studio will go up again. Yipee! We're also detoxing anything we don't love. Liberating. 


Lisa Graham Art said...

What a pretty photo of the outdoor artist and a lovely spot to paint in. Wow, 500 sq does force you to NOT be a pack rat I am sure. I had a dream just last night that my husband and I were apartment hunting...hmmmm.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS: I love the picture of you on the cobblestone street at night...such a charming would make a wonderful painting.

Carolyn Dube said...

How powerful- only keeping what you truly love/need. I have been taking the attitude of use it or lose it more and more in my studio and it is extremely liberating! So glad you found a way to keep the art going for you!

Heather Sullivan said...

OK Try moving a life onto a 39 ft sailboat. We have to have books.technial & pleasure for 2 people for over a year. We have to have music. We need some clothes but many spare parts. After the spare parts we need special cleaners for everything,paint, varnishes-indoor, outdoor,epoxies,wood pieces for reconstruction,stainless,lets just call this boat junk .we also need perscription cat food for a year-canned & dry, & cat litter Clumping litter is not possible to get everywhere so stock up. Now we carry with us about 150 gallons of water and 130 gallons of fuel. We also need canned food, and basic staples to make meals when there is no store. Now it leaves some space but it has to be limited.So here we have to think if there is a will there is a way. Love Mom

Tracy said...

HOORAY! Glad you won't have to forgo working & creating from home! Downsizing is very freeing. I could be at a point to downsize more, but hubby is not...not yet anyway...LOL! We accumulate so much stuff, and hardly use half of it. Two years ago we did a bit purge though, and that was good. I wouldn't mind less sq footage to clean. ;o) Will be exciting to see all you create in your new wonderful smaller space! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

louciao said...

As my mother is fond of saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way."