Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes- Our new home

Did you think only the movies had a soundtrack? Or have you always known you have a soundtrack to your life?

Change of plans... we're not moving to Kitsilano. We signed a lease on a place we LOVE in the west end. Danielle Laporte had a great coaching question on creating your life a couple months ago... 'If your neighborhood were a song, what would it sound like?' The lyrics I've had in my heart:

" See the bird with a leaf in her mouth, After the flood all the colors came out. It was a beautiful day. Don't let it get away" Beautiful Day U2

While Kitsilano was beautiful and friendly, its song seems more like "gentle people with flowers in their hair (this tune), a tune I like, but not 'The one.'
Our new home is in a quiet oasis, surrounded by flowering cherry trees, azaleas, palm trees, and little parks. The grocery store is two streets away and so is the beach. Both the nearby streets and the beach are vibrant and have a friendly, energized, contented feel. It's my song. We're a 5 minute walk to our favorite restaurant, near Stanley park, The Vancouver Art Gallery, and the main library. Our living room, bedroom and balcony overlook the ocean and mountains. While it's half the size of our Moncton place, we're happy with the sacrifices.  

Do you know the songs in your soundtrack? What would your dream neighborhood sound like?


ArtPropelled said...

Your new home sounds perfect. I'll have to think about my song. A nice thought!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Glad you found your new HOME!

Carole said...

Wonderful song you chose! Mine has the sounds of waves and birdsongs.

Wild C said...

Mine is "Quiet town" by Josh Rouse - not unsurprisingly another foreign inhabitant of a Spanish town. (He's American.) The first time I heard it, I knew it had to be about life in a small Spanish town like the one I had recently decided to move to. I'm still here and still happier than at any other time in my life. Why? You'll have to listen to the song!