Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Quote Monday- Picasso and Altered Art

"One day, in a rubbish heap, I found an old bicycle seat lying beside a rusted handlebar, and my mind instantly linked them together. I assembled these two objects, which everyone (then) recognized as a bull's head. The metamorphosis was accomplished, and I wish another metamorphosis would occur in the reverse sense. If my bull's head were thrown in a junk heap, perhaps one day some boy would say, 'Here's something that would make a good handlebar for my bicycle!"

Pablo Picasso, artist 1881-1973

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mansuetude said...

a wonderful quote

funny at first. & because i take the "bulls head" to be Picasso's own intelligence, stubborn masculine and power

thrown back on the trash heap (inklings of immortality vs mortality) he offers a hope for the future "boy" the one who can see, and take the power of the once mind/art, to graft it onto the youth's vehicle/life to help guide it into the future.

a true use of art, as transformation for those who come along after, to carry and alter/ease the process .

"and my mind instantly linked them together."