Wednesday, November 23, 2011

AEDM, Day 23

Atc- "In the Woods" © Shayla Perreault Newcomb

Did/Been- Big mammoth sized storm has finally hit today. Feeling that all day yesterday, and still a bit of storm pressure today. It's been a busy, intense week.

In the Studio- Another Atc

How I felt- Making art every day feels like a habit. Not intrusive. Much like brushing my teeth isn't intrusive on the amount of time I have in my day, a few minutes of art making feels low pressure.

What I learned- Not attaching qualifiers to my daily art making has been the secret I learned this month. It's ok if I feel like scribbling. It doesn't have to be an act of dazzling brilliance. Yes, it counts if it's under 15 minutes. No, it doesn't have to get finished or be in a particular medium etc. etc.  Bringing a list of rules to what or how that art making should go has made it a burden in the past-meaning less art gets made- and it's turned out to be a good thing to let that go.


Tracy said...

Admiring your non-attachment to creating, Shayla. I've been letting go of the "perfectionism" that so often stunted my work time, etc. I choose to see studio time as play time, not masterpiece time. ;o) Be keeping safe and warm from the storm... ((HUGS))

Carole said...

Honestly I avoided the studio yesterday. Came up with all sorts of excuses. Glad to hear you didn't!

M.Kate said...

I'd like that Shayla. The non attachment part. At times i am so busy that my life is like a big whirlpool, juggling so many things at the same time, esp when the kids are schooling but its better now as they are having a month's break. I'd LOVE to have more time sewing and creating...but that's not happening a lot. Sewing seems like my only break...on extremely limited I guess, its a priveledge to do what we love and not having the pressure. Just back from Bangkok..good trip as usual, no flood..and hot as a desert. Happy thanksgiving Shayla, i am so happy to have you as a friend :))

ArtPropelled said...

Taking a leaf out of your book and tomorrow I am going to paint for the fun of it. No expectations and definitely not expecting to dazzle. I'll let you know how it goes. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Shayla.