Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easy Tip to Improve Productivity

Sketch © Shayla Perreault Newcomb

Where is the door in your studio in relation to where you make your art? Is it behind your back? If someone were to walk in, would you have to turn your head or body to see them or could you take everything in with a glance?

Many artists are super sensitive to stimulation. This means they're more observant and that part of their brain is on high alert and in surveillance mode. Not being aware of this means that your brain could be putting too much effort into guarding the privacy of your space or just observing the comings and goings of your household. This takes effort away from productivity in the studio. Have you ever noticed that you work more freely when you know everyone will be out of the house, and you're certain they won't return for several hours?

If so, you could benefit from how you set up your work space in relation to the door. Being able to see the door means you can release much of the energy going to surveillance.

I didn't believe the presence of other people (or even possibility of interruption) affected my creativity. Moving studios helped me stumble on this happy accident. I remember feeling a physical relief at the new set up. Behind my back was the main wall, the door was on a diagonal from me. Creating became effortless and productive

How will you know where to set up in relation to the door? Having it behind your back is poor positioning. In front on the diagnol is optimal. Walk around your space mindfully. Imagine yourself creating in each area until you find a feeling of release and comfort. This is your magic spot and the place to set up your workstation

 Making sure the door is in the right place won't cure every productivity challenge out there, but it made a huge difference for me. Have you found success in the way you set up your creativity space?


Wild C said...

Yep, totally agree Shayla! Artist's studios benefit from a bit of Feng Shui :)

Fortunately mine is reasonably spacious and I find I move around quite a lot according to my mood.

Carole said...

Great advice Shayla. I have two doors in my studio but being an empty nester means not many people come barging through them anymore!

Tracy said...

VERY good topic--very feng shui, Shayla! And I couldn't agree more. My work table in our living room now (pretty soon it might not be a living room--we may just give it over to home studio space ;o)... I like being able to walk around it, create around it. The door & other furnishings feel in a good alignment in relation to this creative table set up. I'm happy. More & more I like having some space to move in, and am discovering the very physical nature of creativity. Fun to see your sketch! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Shayla said...

Cherry, you're so lucky! A big studio space.
The comments about Feng Shui are intriguing. I've never read much about it, but think I'll do some research.

Carole- funny that. I don't have studio bargers either. My husband is around sometimes but he respects my privacy.

I love what Tracy said about the "physical nature of creativity."

M.Kate said...

This is an interesting post...dont think I ever read about door in relation to creativity. In a way, I do feel what you are saying...though I dont know exactly how to express the words. I have a small craft room and doing loads of times I feel it's too small but we have to make do with it. I agree with Tracy on the feng shui thing. BTW, I took out the door from my craft/sewing room as it felt it has no purpose there, and feel free without a door. Funny feeling...but I like it :)

Shayla said...

M.Kate- good point. This specific advice about the door may apply to 20% of the population or even less depending on room layout. Artists tend to fall into that 20% but it's not the only "right way". The idea is to tune in to what's right for us personally, like you did.

ArtPropelled said...

"....your brain could be putting too much effort into guarding the privacy of your space" ....this is so true and not having an art space can drive me totally up the wall. Since my daughter moved out I have been working in her garage space and just being able to leave the mess where it is has made a big difference too.

Deborah Carr said...

Interesting, Shayla...I've heard this before with respect to feng shui, and every once in a while, try to figure out how I can make this work in my office. I've just spent the day cleaning and getting rid of excess paper and junk and am now ready for a redesign! Perhaps I will give it a my creativity surely needs a boost.

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