Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The Cleansing Fire" 16x20" © Shayla Perreault Newcomb

I'm not much for words lately. I'm cocooning. Creating. I swear the seasons affect the creative process. Where most of our year in Canada is winter, that makes for lots of cocooning ;)

Here's some great inspiration I've been mulling over lately:

1. Inspirational and Artsy Video:
2. For the Attic Owl Book Club:
3. For at home workshops:
4. Artist Bio:
The Seven Gates: A Memoir of a Descent- a delightful journey of a read with a gentle and wise guide.


Wild C said...

Hey Shayla,

This painting gives me goosebumps - in thrilled sort of way!

I like the sound of The Seven Gates. I'll check it out.

Hope your new year got off to a great start!

Shayla said...

Hey Wild Cherry! How are you doing?! As for Elaine's book it's $35 Canadian and from a small Canadian publishing company- not on Amazon. If you want more info let me know or contact Elaine. She's a sweetie who also loves Jung. You two would get on great.

Tracy said...

Hi, Shayla! Your cocooning brings out great things! My toes tingle over that pink-raspberry glow in your painting. I love the smoldering fire & energy here! WOW! I love how you do BIG in a subtle way. :o) Thanks for all the link...I'm off to explore! Happy Days Cocooning & Creating ((HUGS))

picciolo said...

Cocooning sounds good Shayla! I love the quality of light you have got in the fire, to me it could almost be a city that is alight
: )

Deborah Carr said...

I blogged about just that a few weeks ago. Cocooning. 'Tis the season, is it not?

I thought of you the other day...out on the golf course, snowshoeing.

Clean white uninterrupted snow, steady treeline. I looked for the trio of dots, but there were none to be found.

Jann Gougeon said...

Just found your site. thanks SO much for the video (your studio, metal info) . . ESPECIALLY the tip on writing 10 things one is grateful for. I'm going to do that, as I don't think about the areas in my life that I'm grateful for. Your statement, "it changed my life" is powerful

I'm grateful I found your blog! Love your work!

M.Kate said...

You are funny Shayla...I always said that I love hibernating, but now I love the word cocooning :) I cant say I have much luxury of cocooning..I am off the whole next week for Chinese New year but it's anything but quiet here :) Happy week and big hugs...M

Sy's Prints said...

really beautiful work Shayla

MiKa Art said...

This is so dark and mysterious - beautiful! You have such a wide range.

Oh, the winter is so long and tough... I wish if I could hibernate!

Carole said...

I just found your site today. I live on the other side of Canada on Vancouver Island where it is snowing at this moment!