Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ceramic Knife Review

Swiss Army Ceramic Knife
What does cooking have to do with art? I'll get into that in an upcoming post. For now, a ceramic knife was on my wish list for the house and here is the review  I promised

It came in a red velvet box, so I think they mean business ;) For the actual performance I couldn't get over how precise it is. It can cut the vegetables so thin, they're transparent. It was like the difference between student and professional art supplies. This tool is professional and it's got me interesting in checking out professional cutting techniques.

Of course all knives of this caliber come sharp and can slice through anything. The advantage of a ceramic knife:

1. Hardest= stays sharp longer
2. Weight= lighter
3. Durability= lasts longer
4. Stain= won't pick up stains
5. Chemically inert= won't turn your fruit brown

(Interested? This is a good article on the advantages of ceramic knives

What impressed me was that all the duties, taxes and additional costs for Canadians were already figured out and added on before I checked out. A big pain about Canadian shopping is getting a big unexpected bill once your item crosses the border. The shipping time was good and the site had the BBB's stamp of approval. For things I can't get locally, they are ideal. 


ArtPropelled said... what i need to know ...does it cut wood ;-)
BTW I Tumblred my favourite painting at

Shayla said...

No, not a good idea, Robyn. It will cut wood, but doesn't like to be twisted. That motion could cause it to snap.

On my way over for a visit!

Shayla said...

Thank you, Robyn! You made my day :) I'm also going to try figuring out how to tumble or at least subscribe and watch other people do it ;)

Neil Nash said...

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