Monday, September 27, 2010

Moving Day

Stairway at the Moorehouse at King's Landing- I love that cream! Maybe I'll paint our hall that color.

We're in the process of moving right now. I'm not set up yet for transferring photos, so I'll share some photos from our last visit to (my other home), King's Landing.

I can't wait to show you the new house.  Did you see the movie "Pollock"  about artist Jackson Pollock? His first New York apartment reminded me of ours. Tiny like that. Our last place was very small- about 450 square feet. Even though the bathtub wasn't in our kitchen like shown in the film, the bathroom was still strange, being only 3 feet wide. The new house is much bigger.

We're still renting- well-house sitting/renting so it's a great deal. If I hadn't decided to become an artist, Jason and I would have bought our first home a long time ago. Using my savings at that time to get started in my art career was what most people would consider insane and as a former finance manager, I knew better but of course, I'd do it all again if I had to. I will say, however, it's not something I'd recommend ;) and I'm sure there are easier ways of going about it for others. Former banker turned artist business consultant Aletta DeWal suggests keeping your day job until your art business can support you. That's an excellent plan and the one I'd recommend if you're thinking of starting an art career. Having heath issues, that much work would have been too much for me to juggle.

Flowers and Herbs for medicine and other uses on display at the Ingraham House

The big move was on the 18 of September. My new studio is all in order and I've already had two special studio guests over for stimulating art discussion. Jason and I have had friends over for a moving day beer, and board game night with snacks. The house has been empty for awhile and it feels good to bring it to life. I'm already pouring through the Vesey's seed catalog planning and plotting for next spring.

Shhh! Never been shown, behind the scenes costume department


ArtPropelled said...

Great news about the bigger house Shayla. looking forward to seeing photos.

Jeane said...

oh, this all bodes well - sounds like you have settled in very well xxo

red-handed said...

Good luck ... the very thought of moving makes me tired.

MiKa Art said...

You were a finance manager?! I had no idea - you are so an artist.

Hope your moving goes well!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh this is all lovely!!! the idea of change and moving and setting up in a new place is exciting...

and the pictures of kings landing bring back warm memories from when I worked there.. and the room of costumes, that was one of the really fun things .. to dress up and pretend we were from long ago and to spin and weave and sew and eat just-prepared meals cooked over an open fireplace...( for fun, again) and get paid for it.. I loved that job!!!

I can't wait to see where you have moved and what you do there...

the Best to you!!

Tracy said...

Congrats on the move, Shayla! Hope you will be very happy for long time to come in your new home. Very much looking forward to a peek of your new place. More space too.. treats! ;o) LOVE these photos... And you sounds so happy & excited--very glad for you! :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

mansuetude said...

one of my best friends in college came from a family with such high expectations of his future. all he ever wanted was to work in a living history enviornment slow and easy. Years after we separated to live life, i got a letter; now I have a photo of him milking a cow with a straw hat on, shadows of an old barn, yes; he ran away from his family and their desires and lived his dreams.

you brought it all tumbling on me again. enjoy.

M.Kate said...

Happy moving Shayla and we cant wait to see it. Hugs..M

Shayla said...

Robyn, thank you, it is good news.

Jeane, yes, it is already boding well ;)

Red-handed- ouf- I know what you mean.

Mika- my first husband's family had an income tax business. That's how I ended up on the finance career path. You're right, it was a little odd for me.

Gwen, No kidding!! That's so cool you used to work there too. We were there from 1989-1999. Which houses did you work at?

Tracy, thanks for your best wishes. Big hugs to you :)

mansuetude, yes my mom lived that life for a long time. It was good too for her since she was a single parent and could bring us to work. I know many "lifers" that just want to work at the Landing. It creates a feeling of utopia for many.

M.Kate, thanks. I'll have you over for a virtual visit soon.