Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here is the invitation for our show in November (clickable). My mentor, Jeanne Leblanc Mullin's painting on top is called, "A New Perspective" and my painting below "Life and Breath" was featured in the last post.
Jeanne and I only see each other's art at our art openings as a general rule. Our meetings are mostly about marketing and the local market. What's funny? eerie? cool? is that our art has a fair bit in common. Neither of us saw the work of the other and both have been working on a similar compostion, sometimes similar colors, similar themes and feelings. Perhaps it was from choosing the title of the show last spring that we ended up thinking and feeling similar thoughts. Our personal lives have things in common too, that are being revealed through the art.
There are many ways to keep the well of creativity full and some of them are a bit mysterious.


Jeane said...

oh, my, first of all, your invitation is just fabulous and second! eerie! - you two are totally simpatico ! these two paintings so much on the same wave length - oh, how I wish I could see this show! congrats - it's going to be wonderful :)

M.Kate said...

I would love to go..if only I could travel in a special capsule and be there in a jiffy...Have a great time.hugs/M

Shayla said...

Jeane, thanks. My spouse guy, Jason, made the invite. He's a graphic designer. "Simpatico"- that's it! I've only seen two paintings from this show so far. I can't wait to see the rest.I'll try to put together a 'virtual show.'

M.Kate- wouldn't I love it if you could come! Hugs back to you.

Shayla said...

P.S. Mary Kate, I know you can't make it. I'm just like the fantasy that you could. I like the fantasy of coming to Malaysia to visit you too. Still, who knows what the future holds?

ArtPropelled said...

I'm still marvelling at the Thin Red Line and love the earthyness of your latest pieces. The show is going to be great if the invitation is anything to go by.

Juggling Jason said...

Gee, that invitation is pretty slick looking. Who designed it? And how can I hire him? I'd totally be willing to pay him lots and lots of money to design stuff!