Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Thin Red Line"

"Thin Red Line" 20x16" oil
There's a tale to be told here. The expression "Thin Red Line" refers back to a battle where a few hundred men defeated a Calvary of thousands. 'Little defeats big' makes for such a good story.

This painting stands for holding firm despite limited resources. How do you think the story ends? A)Continuing to struggle heroically or B) Kicking Butt or C) Wah?!! You lost me.

It's the first oil I finished once I got used to working with the paints and they have completely changed my process. I've been able to relax, let things dry, pick them up again later, stop stressing about "mistakes", smear, rub and even 'draw' on my canvas directly from the tube.

Health wise things are better than before, but will still improve. I was touched to receive this gorgeous piece of jewelry today from Tracy of Pink Purl in a gesture of love and healing. We're both crazy about pink and I'd shared with Tracy that I love it because I think it represents health, energy and healing. She made this piece with those very wishes for me. What a sweetheart!
Something you can't tell from the internet is how good the weight of these stones feel. The quality too, just doesn't show up in a photo. Some things are just better in person.

More about pink. It's starting to work in my creations. I'm putting it in and getting that 'glow' I was hoping for instead of a saccharine look I was fearing. "Thin Red Line" has a layer of pinks under the golds that affect the lighting of the finished piece.


Regina said...

What a lovely painting! I can imagine so much depth of meaning in it for you.
You are right about how the pink gave the gold depth. I think it grounded it somehow to make the painting so much richer.

Matt DeFore said...

There is powerful emotion in this painting. Hearing the artist descibe their work really adds to the experience. Such a powerful use of color (the red). I could imagine the soldiers coming out of the tree line.

Tracy said...

I knew, just felt there had to be some pink in that painting, as an undercoat even... ;o) The pink as an ethereal dimension. The energy and depth of this work is tremendous, Shayla. I like how you've used a theme from history to tie in with your own story. I am so glad your recovery continues to be a positive process. And how sweet you are to feature the mala/bracelet I made for you. You really got the "glow" here! :o) I hope the mala will bring your comfort and aid as a talisman to your continued health journey. Happy Day, my friend. Great to see you back in blogland! ((HUGS))

Shayla said...

Regina, thank you. So nice to see you again. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing the changes in painting your faces.

Matt, Thanks for visiting and for the encouragement. It's tricky to know how much to share since I want people to form their own impressions.

Tracy, I didn't know what a mala was at first. Thanks for explaining. Your kindness is cherished

ArtPropelled said...

Shayla is Back! When I clicked onto your blog and saw the painting I just said Oooohhh! A wonderful painting and the story behind it makes it even more meaningful. My favourite Perreault Newcomb to date.

Liberty said...

That is absolutely striking! I love it! Thank you for sharing it. I'm glad to hear your health is improving and am sending wishes of continued improvement :-)

DJ said...

I definitely vote for "Kicking Butt"!
You certainly have kicked some lately, kid!
Those trees make me drool...
So glad you're posting again!

Patrice said...

I really like that you presented the meaning behind the painting. It's always a privilege to know what the artist is thinking.

I agree with the others that the color is perfect.

M.Kate said...

Another fabulous painting Shayla..and don't we both love TRacy..for her talent and the wonderful person she is. Hugs...M

Shayla said...

Robyn, thanks that means a lot. With this series I've had the most freedom from that naggy perfectionism.

Liberty, thanks for those wishes and great news from your end too :)

DJ :D Yay! One for kicking butt! I like happy endings.

Patrice, thank you. I'm like you. Once I've taken in the painting, I like hearing what the artist has to say.

M.Kate, thanks for introducing me to her. She's a sweetie :)

picciolo said...

oh I love this one Shayla, to me it definately means hope and promise. And what a lovely present too!
: )

Jeane said...

Shayla, this is an absolutely wonderful painting! wow! so glad to hear you are healing xxo

MiKa Art said...

How wonderful to see your new painting!! It is so strong, determined and beautiful - winter beauty.

And such a tender story about you and Tracy. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!