Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Art and Wellness

I made this card yesterday. Three squares may not seem like a lot of work, but I've been experimenting with card design for about two years and have come up with all kinds of awful stuff. Sometimes it's what you don't put in that makes the piece work. I was considering using a cool tree stamp I made and am itching to use, and was brainstorming how to use all the elements together when I realized I needed a brain break. The end result was a simpler piece. I'm learning to respect those limits, but the artistic payoff still surprises me. Who knew? We really don't have to suffer for our art ;) The squares are also made from my stash of "batik" papers that I made up last year. I tried a glue stick- which believe it or not- seemed perfumed. Why put perfume in glue? Liberty of Moving Beyond MCS recommended this better non toxic glue, which I have to try.

At the beginning of April, I started juicing- mostly veggies- and saw a big difference in energy. I had to share a photo of this smoothie. Isn't it pretty?


Liberty said...

hi Shayla,

Your smoothie IS really pretty! I love those colours together.
I also find your card very beautiful.
Simple can be breathtaking!

re: scent in glue sticks
I have bought so many glue sticks since having MCS, trying in vain to find one without fragrance. The only one I've found is the Power Glue Stick by Mungyo. I bought a few of them years ago at Curry's Art Store in Toronto, Ontario.
They do still sell them but I noticed that they say 'improved' and are now in a yellow tube instead of a blue one. No guarantee that the improved version is free from fragrance.

An art store in Ottawa still has the picture of the blue stick so perhaps they may have some old stock.

I've been fine with this glue stick whereas the liquid Weldbond glue I am only fine with after it has cured. When wet it is still strong.

I hope you find glue that works for you :-)

Shayla said...

Thanks for the tip, Liberty!

bindu said...

I like the warm colors and texture in the card. And it's already hot in Texas, so your smoothie looks so inviting!

Regina said...

Hi Shayla,
I really like the card a lot. The gold is warm & inviting. The texture adds depth & interest.
You inspire me every time you write of your discoveries that allow you to continue making art despite the MCS.
I would probably benefit greatly by juicing, but not ready to take the plunge. My brother & his fiance are BIG into it for a few years now. I've enjoyed their concoctions when we visit them.

Jeane said...

Shayla, I really really like the simplicity of this card - your little squares are just wonderful - yum, the smoothie looks yummy AND gorgeous!

M.Kate said...

Shayla, the card is very nice, but then all your art work are amazing! and yes, juicing really makes a huge difference..though I wished I had more time doing's a great way to cleanse and build up the immune system. I am busy doing fruit enzyme nowadays, if you visit me, you'll see jars of them in the house :P hugs for the weekend, much love....M

Tracy said...

Not having to suffer for our art...Fancy that!! I need to remember that more often! ;o) I notoriously do too much--must to the detriment of my body, mind and spirit...working on this! But I LOVE your card. The simplicity really makes a huge statement, as does those "batik" squares--especially that one in the center with the white streak though it. Card making is fun. I've done lots of card making over the years and always enjoy it as way to create but also slow down and think differently. Hope you find a glue that will be good for you. I don't know much about glues and their compostion--just try whatever works and sticks. Your juicy smoothie looks VERY energizing! Just looking at it makes you feel good--LOL! I've not done a lot of smoothies making, but do love making highly colorful and veggie-packed soups. Just eating a bowl-ful of carrot-ginger-coriander soup is a real good jolt for the body! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

picciolo said...

what was in that smoothie? You certainly got lots of great colours in there, it must have been very good for you! And your card is great, it would look good framed after it has finished its job of being a card too
: )

MiKa Art said...

Wow, I thought this smoothie pic must be your artwork as well! Very pretty.

I love the earthy coloured card. Beautiful.(and they look like edible - I should get some snack...)

Have a great weekend!

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Shayla,
The card is gorgeous...I love the idea of the 3 squares...very 'zen'.
Great looking smoothie! I'm a bit of a vegetable and fruit juice drinker too.
I love apple, lemon (including peel, beetroot and ginger!!! Keeps me on my toes :)

Shayla said...

Bindu,. I'll imagine you enjoying something cool to drink. No matter how hot it gets down there, I would LOVE to visit Texas.

Regina, I hope the concoctions were yummy. Some juicing adventures can get pretty freaky :D If so, you'll have a good guide if ever you take the plunge.

Jeane, yep it was a tasty one, although I've had a few that were really bitter.

M.Kate- those fruit enzymes sound good. I'm taking veggie enzymes but they only work so-so. Yes juicing takes time- the cleaning up more than anything.

Tracy, I'm going to check out your recipes again for the soups. That sounded delish.. Yes something I'll always have to be aware of too, not to do too much. It's nice to see all the ways you've added some grace and relaxation back into your life. Thanks for the comments. The white streak intrigued me too. It was an imperfection in the paper.

Jane, I don't remember exactly now, but I think it was collard greens, cucumber, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and avocado. After I took the blender to make the avocado smooth.

Mika, heh, heh. You do sound a little hungry but they do kind of look like little square caramels or candies.

Jo, ZING! That would keep you on your toes. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I like the idea of adding the lemon peel. Very cleansing.

Alexiev said...


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Mira said...

nice card.veggie juice has been helping? what kind have u been using? i need some energy.been drinking tooo much coffee. i'm sure my adrenal glands are shutting

rivergardenstudio said...

Your small square paintings are beautiful, especially when I enlarged the photo! All that texture... and your smoothie is lovely. Roxanne

Leah said...

love the card! And oh my, the smoothie pic is so yummy!

Shayla said...

Alexiev, thanks for the feedback and nice to meet you.

Mira, I bet with your studies in medicine you could tell me a lot more about energy than I know, but here it goes. My favorite tasting juice is cilantro, celery, apple. It feels like drinking sunshine and where I have trouble digesting food, it gives me easy nutrition. The book Power Juices Super Drinks has some recipes just for energy. I guess carrot and garlic combined are great for energy and it tastes good. My hubby loves his caffeine and is trying to go off it by taking greens+ extra energy. The secret ingredient is kola nut seed extract. It's like caffeine but without the crash and the mix is better than a cup of coffee. I have adrenal fatigue and it was not good for me- made me jittery, not the happy kind of hyper ;) but you may like it.

Roxanne, a fellow texture junkie!

Leah, yes yummy :)

Patrice said...

Beautiful work, Shayla. I clicked to enlarge the images and they are stunning!

Liberty said...

I wanted to post an update about scented glue sticks on the chance someone will read it over the years :)
I just ordered a number of the Mungyo glue sticks that were previously unscented.
Now they are very scented :-(
Just an FYI - if you react to fragrance, these gluesticks are no longer safe.