Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poetry Swap

Painting number 1, "Spiritual Sister" 30x30

L K Ludwig from The Poetic Eye is hosting a poetry exchange. I love it! If you wish to view or participate, get all the details here.
The poem I'm going to post is Phemoninal Woman by Maya Angelo. The three paintings shown are all one's I've done of women who've inspired me. Each is symbolic of their qualities.
Painting number 2, "Rebirth" 30x30

Pretty women, honey, they wonder just where my secret lies 'cause I'm not cuter, built to suit a model's fashion size but when I start to tell them they say girl, you're telling lies and I say, no, honey, it's in the reach of my arms, and it's in the span of my hips, it's the stride of my stepping, it's in the curl of my lips 'cause I'm a woman, honey, Phenomenally Phenomenal woman.

Sometimes I walk into a room just as cool as you please and to a man the fellows either stand up or fall down on their knees then they start swarming around me like a hive of honey bees and I say whoopcha must be this fire in my eyes could be the flash of my teeth, or the swing of my waist, or just the joy in my feet. All I know is I'm a woman, Phenomenally Phenomenal woman .

Now you understand why my head's not bowed, you won't see me dropped about or when you see me coming, it ought to make you proud, sister, girl, I say, it's the bend of my hair, it's the palm of my hands, The need for your care 'cause I'm a woman , you're a woman, we just women, we Phenomenal, Phenomenally Phenomenal, Phenomenal women.

Painting number 3 "Matante Hélène" (Aunt Helen) 16x20"

P.S. I've noticed that the version I have in my poetry book doesn't match the one I found online. It could be she has a couple of versions and this one was read outloud. To get the original source, go to Maya Angelou's website. Oh! I see she has a cook book now too. I have some books to add to my bookshelf!


Robyn said...

Lovely paintings especially the last one. Maya Angelo often puts a smile on my face...cause i'm a woman honey.

Jeane said...

shayla - I read some pretty wonderful poetry yesterday as you all shared, but I have to say, this is my fav! I really loved this!, but what I loved even more are your paintings - egads! girl! - these are fabulous!

Shayla said...

Robyn, you are a Phenomenal woman :D

Thanks Jeane! I'm glad you liked them.That's such a pick me up.

picciolo said...

what a great poem, I studied Maya Angelo at school and was lucky enough to go and see her in person. Didn't know she had a cookbook out!
: )

Shayla said...

What an incredible person to have met, Jane! That must have been inspiring.

Tracy said...

What a fun event! And I admire very much the writings of Maya Angelou. These painting are so evocative, Shayla...the top one really grabs me. Do you know you're an inspiring woman too?! :o) Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Shayla said...

*blush* Tracy! you are so sweet, and right back at you!

bindu said...

Your painting are beautiful! I like the first one best. The poem is such a celebration of being a woman - I love it!

M.Kate said...

beautiful paintings and lovely poetry Shayla. big hugs for the weeeknd :D

Jeane said...

love your new pic!