Monday, June 16, 2008

Of Rainy Days and Happy Firings

Yes, the weather matches my plot to a tee. Still raining! Heh, heh. Just joking. I actually had a great weekend.
I thought I'd tell you though, that the supreme dictator of the studio has finally been fired. We almost came to blows. She ordered me to make a mind bending, outstanding, supercalifragilisticexpialadosish piece of art every time I approached my easel.

"Well... ok," I said. "... but I did kind of want to play around with more batik papers..."

"No," she replied. "You don't have the time for that. You should be refining your artistic voice, and as the practical, productive half of your psyche, I know for a fact that batik papers are not conducive to this. Stay focused!"

So for the past while I've been working under her guidance. Everything I made she grumbled about.

"That is not genius! That is not perfect! That does not make my heart go ba-da-doeng!"
I told her that balance was called for and that creating has to involve lots of play. I even went out and had some fun to spite her.

"Hah, hah, Ms. Bossy! I'm playing hooky!" First up- gallery hopping! (Details are in the post below). I made playdoh objects, a fimo necklace to spruce up my wardrobe, went on walks, watched TV and worked on knitting an afghan even during studio time!

So there, Ms. Bossy Shayla, I had some fun instead of being "productive." Still, she was relentless. I slaved away in the studio making "blah." She accused me of wasting art supplies and made icky suggestions on what to do with my leftover paint.

"Ms. Bossy Shayla, would you come into my office please? We need to have a talk." It was mutually decided (hah!) that perhaps she should look elsewhere for opportunities that could use her superior organizing skills (she's taken up an interest in finding 'perfect' speech material for my toastmasters club and has begun reorganizing the closets).

Ahhhhhhh! What a glorious morning I had painting imperfectly. In hopes of keeping 'her' at bay, though something drastic must be done. When the rain clears up, I'll post some of the "blah" works in progress. Below is a piece Ms. Bossy doesn't approve of. It's not perfect, it doesn't fit with my "voice" and its on scrapbook paper ("that's cheating"), but I like it :) That should keep her shell shocked for awhile- and out of my studio, so please bear with me while I feel free to make some bad art. Perhaps some really bad art. It's in the interest of artistic integrity ;)


Juggling Jason said...

Huzzah for "bad" art!

Robyn said...

But everyone knows that fun feeds good art! Glad you fired the dictator. She was blocking the flow!

picciolo said...

well I just love this new piece,
: )

Leah said...

***love*** this post! hee!!

i'm loving the new piece too. keep on playing!

M.Kate said...

well, I love it for sure :)

Pat said...

I'm so happy your dropped by my blog and entered my give away!

This was such a fun post to read -- and there is no such thing as "bad art" --it all means something :-)

Tracy said...

LOVE your looks pretty "perfect" to me! It's got great motion, vibrancy and feeling...Don't change it to much, please Ms. Bossy ;o) Thanks for stopping by to visit nice to meet you and find your creative space here! Happy Weekend :o)

MiKa Art said...

Wow, I had no idea that you had to deal with "dictator of the studio" - sounds pretty stressful!

Anyway, happy first day of summer & have a great weekend!!

Shayla said...

Oh what fun! Thanks everyone, for helping me keep Ms. Bossy in her place :)