Monday, June 16, 2008

Moncton Gallery Hopping Adventures

Gallery hopping last month has been a blast! Pascal Cormier had his first gallery solo show. His work has such a great illustrative feel. I can see him going far. Sonic Cubes by Béchard and Hudon at Galerie Sans Nom opened on the same night. So cool!!! I could write pages on how outstanding that was! The art experience changes depending on who's in the room. It started very quietly. Jason came too. Just me and him turning the boxes to hear the 'mystery' sound. Then another person wandered in... Still a minimalistic soundscape. Soon there was a whole room full of people jamming on these sonic sound boxes. Their voices and excited chatter got louder and louder as they discovered each sound. More people packed in to discover. Soon the sound level escalated to PARTY!!!

About a week ago was Amber's vernissage. It was packed and lots of fun! One of her pieces reminds me of one of my exotic, beautiful friends. Loved that! The art openings have certainly been crowded lately- and that's simply the best kind of opening

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