Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pitching a tent in the living room

Why did I set up a tent in the living room? Number one - Why not? Number two- plan number one was to try winter camping to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. There is a thirty minute hike with all our supplies through the woods before we get to the camp. Sounds like such an adventure, but I've been fatigued enough lately that I would likely give out on the trail. If Jace were stuck hauling all the gear, food and me for 30 min through feet deep snow our weekend might not start out with much of a celebratory feel to it, lol. Work obligations keep us from getting too far away so up went the tent!!! Yay!

We decorated it with antique saris, fairy lights on the roof to look like stars and filled it with comfortable pillows and blankets.

The shot below is of the inside.

The weekend involved lots of yummy takeout and movies in the tent, one special supper, and thrift shopping.

Tadah! Presenting my new stripey stockings given to me by Jace. Now we're off thrift shopping looking for some serendipitous finds. Later that night we saw two art exhibits. One of my favorite mixed media artists, Elaine Amyot, and performance artist Jean Denis Boudreau. Jean Denis's was a staged funeral, but it wasn't really creepy. It was more humour based, after all the casket was made out of gum balls.
This is the card I made Jace. It's based on a pose from our wedding photos. The inside has a song he wrote and sang to me at the wedding. It also has one of my diary entries when I was just falling in love with him.

This little book is an antique shop find. It's from the 1930's, all silhouettes. Isn't it gorgeous?


Leah said...

totally in love with your stripey socks and that awesomely decorated tent!!!

M.KATE said...

hi, this is really a cool blog, like everything here, will be back soon :)

Lynette said...

OH, what a great idea and your tent is wondrous!! Happy Anniversary Shayla and I love your striped tights too! :)

MiKa Art said...

This is such a lovely entry!! I love happy, loving couple stories! Happy Anniversary :-)