Friday, March 14, 2008

Creative Every Day Challenge

I had a couple of fun things going on this week for Leah's "Creative Everyday Challenge." It's all in good fun to not only be more creative in our everyday life, but to notice when we are! The above photo is one of my works-in-progress.

I am also experimenting with chocolate in my artwork by working cocoa powder into the paint. I got similar effects when I mixed in cloves. It looks a bit like stucco and is slightly scented. The cloves are much stronger as far as scent goes, but there's something so sensual about the weight and body the cocoa added to the paint. It was a delight to work with.

Reminds me of a list of "you must be an artist if..." jokes. Number 5 was "You butter your toast with your fingers, just to feel its texture." Hee, hee. Isn't being tactile half the fun? Incidently, my favorite on the list was number 2, "The highlights in your hair are from your palette and not Clairol." I can so relate!!!

Lastly, spring fever got me redecorating the kitchen. I finally painted it a lovely yellow and got this tablecloth from April Cornell to match. I like seasonal decorating. It's a lift to change all the accessories from cosy and warm reds in the winter to bright limes and yellows in the spring. By the way, advertising got to me on this one, rather quickly I might add. The shot in "Victoria" magazine was enchanting and I guess for me, motivating. Not to mention repeatedly gawking at the website shots... I'm going to spraypaint the kitchen chairs red when it warms up a bit outside.


MiKa Art said...

Oooo, I can't believe you mix chocolate into paints!!(I can only eat chocolate) But, yes, it seems super sensual!
Have wonderful weekend :-)

Leah said...

that's so cool, shayla!! i bet it smells wonderful too. mmm, art. :-)

picciolo said...

your redecorated kitchen sounds gorgeous! And your experiments with chocolate in your paintings are exciting, I bet the smell is wonderful
: )