Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Growing Roots in Moncton

The library in Moncton did really well with the Magnum Opus Art Charity Auction. Pulled in $20 000!! It was a great event to participate in, plus I love the library. When I'm not doing major studio time, I'm always there a couple times a week.

Above is another painting from the show "Growing Roots" or "Enraçiné" coming up December 12th. Jace and I have lived here for two years now, so we feel closer to Moncton and have started growing roots, so it reflects not just the statement I'm wanting to make with my art, but also what's going on in my personal life.
Speaking of personal life, Jason graduates this week. Yahooo! We've already had our pre-graduation celebration at a pub with a pitcher of beer, bucket of onion rings, cheeseburger, and suicide hot wings. Hooray for pig outs!! I'm sad to say I've discovered the world's best onion rings. That's not the kind of thing I need to start craving all the time. I especially liked his design for a CD cover. You can see it under recent works. There's a series of 3 that I'm going to frame for the living room. Can't seem to find all three right now.

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