Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back from travels

Didn't go far, but had lots of fun, and four hours on the highway often takes you to another world. Got lots of reading and yacking done. Saw a bear and her cub, a doe and two fawns, a porcupine, fox, three racoons, and 10 frogs.

Now that we're back, already in full swing getting ready for an art fair and a charity art auction.

Photo is of Fredericton once you drive past the city.

Found a hammock on mom's property that was 'just decorativly' hung between two pear trees. I decided to fix it for swinging. What is more perfect than a hammock vacation? Testing a hefty looking branch on the pear tree snapped it right off. Now the hammock wouldn't stretch between the two trees. This all happened while mom and Ray were getting ready for the realtor to bring someone out. This was me puzzling to figure out a solution, and had to come clean regarding the pear tree incident. It took two of us to haul away the broken branch. We had to tie the hammock to the tree.
A favorite kitty bed in mom's studio are the wool baskets. She dumped Beena in to let her try it out and the dog became a little possesive of her new paradise. She kept grabbing back any wool we took out for dying.

Mom and I prepared a goldenrod dyebath. The green, not quite opened blossoms give the best color. We dyed some wool that turned out neon yellow- a bit too much gold to be chartreuse. I planned to take the dyebath home for dying paper, but I think it was accidently thrown out in the big clean up before the realtor came to show the house.

Missed the seafood festival in Moncton, but made up for it with barbeque.

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nairdoowell said...

Like the pictures especially the dog in the wool.We need more seafood and more vacation !