Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Read

Finished another good book. I used to love studying Irish legends and fairy tales. I found of all the different nations, theirs had the best atmosphere. Great storytellers. "A Place Called Here" is a grown-up version. The imaginary world she creates doesn't seem imaginary at all. She intermixes it very well with "reality."

I often read to escape, and this is the type of book that will do the trick. I like that it's easy to read as well. I love literature, but some of it I'll only tackle when I'm in more of a "homework/self-improvement mode." This is a quality read without a great effort on the reader's part.You can go deeper, analyse, meditate, but if you choose not to the plot is fast moving with lots of twists. The ride is a good one whether you speed read, or take the scenic route.

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